One day one girl/vampire was dug out from her coffin after three hundred years. She searched for clues about her past because she had completely forgotten what had happened from 6 years old to now.


3. Isabella's Diary

                                                                                                                                      6th of March 1866


Dear Diary,

                 You know that man I told you about well he came up to me earlier and told me something that I could not believe or remember if it is true, he told me that he was my brother and that he was the one that dug me out and then fled so I would not see him and ask him questions like why I had been buried and by who. And of course those are the questions I asked him straight away he did not seem to want to answer me but he did of course he told me the person that buried me was called Logan and I had been buried because he wanted to turn me into a vampire and he did not fail which is why I have not aged a bit because I am a vampire he also told me his is to a vampire and that is why he is still alive but he tells me he very much hates being a vampire and is awfully worried about me being one for I might attack someone if I ever lose control, I do not know if I should believe him or not though should I go with him?



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