One day one girl/vampire was dug out from her coffin after three hundred years. She searched for clues about her past because she had completely forgotten what had happened from 6 years old to now.


1. Isabella's Diary

                                                                                                                                      5th of March 1866


Dear Diary,

                 Yesterday was the worst and best day of my life...............I had been buried alive in a coffin for  I think about three hundred years and somehow I had not aged a bit! The past was just a blur I can  not remember a thing about my life, it took me hours to even remember my name (Isabella). Someone or something somehow had pulled me out of the earth and then fled, for fear of being caught probably but I had no proof of that.I am now in a hotel room,the person who fled must have left some money for me for food and somewhere to stay for there was some weird looking coins next to my coffin!My quest now is to find out why I had been buried alive and by who.


The staff at the hotel were not very keen on me because I dressed completely different to everyone, but it was not my fault that I was buried for three hundred years they would not understand if I told them anyway. There is this one man that does not disapprove of me though and he is always looking at me in this weird manner as if he has known me his entire life, he could have for all I know!The people in this century walk very differently to me for I am very stiff after lying down for three hundred years. I have to go now to buy some clothes so I do not get all of these horrible glances that have been receiving.

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