Falling for my brothers best friend

Hey I'm Tori, I'm just an average teenage girl from Doncaster, England, UK. My brother is the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I haven't seen him since he went to audition for the X Factor, sure I was with him when he auditioned but since he got put into the group that forms One Direction and his career has taken off I haven't seen him. It's been about a year and 8 months since I saw him last and I miss him a lot.

Read to find out more..............


8. Chapter 6: Wait, what?

"Tori, we were just about to send out a search party for you. Where were you??" Zoe joked as I walked into the room.

"I had to let your sister in, didn't any of you hear her knocking?" I said, stepping out of Laura's way.

"Nope." They all said. Deaf idiots. I thought shaking my head.

"Anyway, Zoe you left your phone at home so I thought I'd come give it to you in case Katrina or I need to reach you." Laura said, handing Zoe her phone.

"Thanks, where did I leave it?" Zoe asked, a bit confused at how she forgot it.

"You left it on the bench after you got yourself something to eat yesterday when we got home." Laura said, looking as though she was a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh, ok." Zoe said putting it on the table next to her.

"Are you ok Laura? You look like your not comfortable." I said, looking at her and then Zoe.

"Nah, I'm good but I better go, have to work at Nando's again today but hey at least I get paid." She said, sounding like she didn't want to go.

"Wait? Did you say you work at Nando's?" Niall asked, god, I swear that boy never stops eating.

"Yeah, I do. So?" Laura asked, confused.

"Niall here worships Nando's." Liam said, getting up from his seat.

"Okay, well I have to go." Laura said, backing out the doorway. Looking at her watch she sighed.

"Look guys, I really have to go or I'm going to be late." She said pulling her keys out of her pocket.

Hi we’re One Direction
Woah your popular; someone’s calling ya pick up your phone, come on I’m a busy guy, I can’t hang around inside your phone doing ringtones all day, answer it!

"Shit!" Laura mumbled, her checks going red as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.
"Oh, hi Jess. I know I'm running late I just had to give my sister her phone, I'll be there as soon as possible."
"Jess, please let me explain!!"
Silence was all we heard as Laura closed her phone and put it back into her pocket.
"What just happened?" Louis asked, looking at Laura with concern on his face.
"I think I just got fired." Laura said, just loud enough for us to hear.
"What!?!?!" Zoe said, shock written all over her face.
Laura looked up, tears were streaming down her face with a look of hurt, confusion and shock mixed into one.
"I don't understand, I'm never late, I always do what they ask me to do and I've never complained." Her voice breaking as she talked. Laura took one look at us before she turned and ran out of the room.
"Laura!!!" Louis called out after her.
"Let her be Lou, she needs time to calm down." I said, putting my hand on his chest to keep him from following her.
"No, what she needs now is someone to be there for her." He said, moving my hand and walking out.
The room was silent, not even Niall was laughing or anything.
Lets hope that we don't get anymore bad news. I thought, shaking my head and sitting down next to Zoe.


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