Falling for my brothers best friend

Hey I'm Tori, I'm just an average teenage girl from Doncaster, England, UK. My brother is the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I haven't seen him since he went to audition for the X Factor, sure I was with him when he auditioned but since he got put into the group that forms One Direction and his career has taken off I haven't seen him. It's been about a year and 8 months since I saw him last and I miss him a lot.

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6. Chapter 4: Let’s ride!!

Zoe’s P.O.V

The night was heaps of fun, watching movies and hanging out with the boys and Tori. When we were in the middle of watching Toy Story 2 I looked over at Tori and saw her asleep with her head in Harry’s lap.

“Aww, she looks pretty comfy there Haz.” I said to him in a low voice as to not wake Tori.

“Yeah, I think she is.” He said while leaning back on his hands. I smiled and turned to Louis.

“Hey Lou, can you pass me my iPod please I need to take a photo of Tori.” I said with a smirk on my face.

“Why do you need to take a photo of her?” He asked handing my iPod.

“Just look over at Harry and you’ll see why, it’s going to be my blackmail.” I said quietly getting up and moving around to get a better photo.

“Got it! She is so going to kill me in the morning.” I said quietly giggling to myself as I moved back to my spot.

“Ok, I think it’s time we turned the TV off and went to sleep, otherwise mum’s going to come in here and have to turn the TV off and I don’t think there’s any way for her to get the remote and turn it off.” Louis said stopping the movie and turning the TV off.

“Ok, night guys.” I said yawning as I laid down and closed my eyes. All I heard was a chorus of nights and an Irish accent that I knew belonged to Niall whisper into my ear “Goodnight Love.” as I fell asleep smiling to myself.

I woke to the sound of whispering and someone being shushed.

“Guys just leave her, she’ll wake up when she wants to.” I heard Tori say.

“But I want to get up and she’s laying her head on me.” An Irish accent said wining a bit. I then realised that I did have my head laying on Niall’s chest, so as if for them to think I was still asleep I rolled over so I was now facing the other side and wasn’t laying on his chest.

“Zoe! I know you’re awake. Stop faking it and get your lazy butt up so we can go ride the horses.” I heard Tori laugh as Niall walked out the room I guessed to get food.

“But I don’t want to get up just yet Tor.” I said rolling over onto my back and opening my eyes.

“I don’t give a fly, Zoe. Get up or I’ll get Niall to kiss you but I know how much you’d like that so it probably won’t work.” Tori said with a smirk on her face. I looked around the room and saw all the boys with their mouths open.

“Ok I’m up.” I said jumping up and walking out of the room, hoping I wasn’t blushing like a tomato.

“What did I miss?” I heard Niall ask the boys as I walked down to the kitchen.

“Morning lazy bum.” Carol said while making a cup of tea.

“Gee thanks.” I said walking over to the kettle to make some noddles before being bombarded with questions.

“You looked pretty comfy this morning.” Zayn said as he entered the kitchen.

“Shut up!” I said through my teeth.

“What happened this morning? What’s he talking about Zoe?” Carol asked me with a confused look on her face. I quickly turned around muttering “Nothing” under my breath, hoping I wasn’t blushing like an idiot again, I seem to be blushing a lot lately, got damn this kid it’s his fault he’s so.. Cute and his eyes ahh. Shut up Zoe, I thought to myself.

“Mhm, sure.” Carol said sounding like she wasn’t convinced as she put her cup into the sink then left to go get change.

“Thanks for that Zayn.” I said once Carol was out of the room.

“You are most welcome.” He said with a smug look on his face.

I poked my tongue out at him and turned back to make my noddles as Tori and the rest of the boys walked into the kitchen.

“Noddles?? Really Zoe? Why is it that whenever you come over you always eat noddles in the morning?” Tori asked as I put a fork full of noddles in my mouth.

“Because mum doesn’t buy noddles at home anymore apparently I eat them to quick or something.” I told her with my mouth full. She just sighed and shook her head the boys just laugh.

“Fine, come on we better go ride these horses.” Tori said as she turned around and went out the door to go grab Tango. I looked down at what I was wearing and found I was still in my PJ’s from last night.

“Ok, let me get changed first.” I yelled out to her, running out of the kitchen and to Tori’s room to get changed into some riding clothes.

“Is this normal for those two?” I heard one of the boys ask Louis.

“Yea their always like this in the morning.” Louis replied.

“Hey, we’re not always like this.” I yelled from Tori’s room.

“Yes, yes you are.” I heard Louis laugh.

Smiling at myself about how he was actually right that we were always like this in the morning, I changed quickly and then grabbed my riding boots from my bag and ran outside.

“You guys coming or are you going to stay inside?” I asked once I was at the door.

“No, we’re coming. Just go help Tori catch the horses Zoe.” Louis answered a bit annoyed.

“Ok, ok I was just asking.” I said putting my boots on then going out to help Tori.

Tori’s P.O.V

Zoe was still inside with the boys and her noddles while I was trying to catch Tango and Sunny but it wasn’t very easy catching two horses at the same time.

“Come on Zoe, it normally doesn’t take you this long.” I said to myself as I grabbed Tango. I had just tied Tango up and was about to go get Sunny when Zoe finally came outside.

“It’s about time, what took you so long?” I asked her when she reached me.

“I had to get change, geez can’t ride in my pjs.” She said taking to lead rope from me and grabbing Sunny. “It wouldn’t be the first time” I said laughing.

I just watched her as Sunny kept walking away from her and wouldn’t stand still until she pulled a carrot out for him.

“HEY!!!!!! THAT’S MY CARROT!!!!!! DON’T GIVE IT TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I heard Louis yell from behind.

“LOUIS!!!!!” I yelled making him look at me.

“Don’t yell!! You could have scared Sunny and gotten Zoe hurt.” I said turning back to Zoe to see that she was fine and now had Sunny.

“Thanks for that Louis, you almost made him runaway.” Zoe said glaring at him.

“Sorry.” Was all Louis said as he looked down.

“It’s ok, come on lets saddle up and ride.” Zoe said tying Sunny up close to Tango and walking over to the tack shed. “I swear they love the horses more than me!” I heard Louis say as I followed Zoe into the shed to grab my saddle, brushes, bridle and girth.

Once we were saddled and all ready to go, Zoe went and grabbed our helmets and we walked Sunny and Tango into the paddock before getting on.

“So what do you wanna do first?” I asked Zoe.

“Why don’t we do some jumping? Sunny loves jumping and I haven’t jumped him in a while.” She said looking at the jumps.

“Ok, let’s go!” I said taking off before I even finished.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready!” I heard Zoe yell from behind me.

I laughed as I went over a jump and landed without losing a stirrup. I looked over at Zoe as she jumped, she was having fun but I was starting to get bored.

“Hey, why don’t we play some games then unsaddle and give the boys a wash?” I asked Zoe as she trotted over to me.

“Ok.” Was all she said as we walked over to the arena and started playing some games. Soon enough Zoe and I had had enough of playing games and decided that we should unsaddle the horses then give then a wash to help them cool down as it was a pretty warm day.

“Hey Tori, are we giving the boys a bath or just hosing them down?” Zoe asked while she unsaddled Sunny.

“We’re just going to hose them down, it’s too warm to give them a proper bath.” I said taking my saddle, bridle and girth back to the tack shed.

“Hey, where did the boys go?” Zoe asked looking around.

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