Forever young c;

The characters are Me (mariah) Katie and renee......
its what we want our future to be like with One Direction.... #NOhate


2. The concert.

We took our seats in the front row..... and the boys came out oh my god there so perfect i thought.
Zayn stared at me i smiled at him.. he started to walk over to where me katie and renee were standing

"Hello" He said
" Hi" we all said at the same exact time we looked at eachother funny
" Do you 3 lovely ladies want passes to go back stage with me and the boys.?" He asked
"Yes" Katie said
"Good" He said as he pulled me renee and katie on stage walking us into a room.. then he left

OMG.!!! im going to meet Niall.!!! Renee screamed
OMG.!!! IM going to meet Zayn well i kindof aready did but i actually get to talk to him without screaming fans in our ears.! I screamed
OMG.!!! Im going to meet Harry.!!! Kaite screamed

*20 minutes passed when the boys came in*

"Hey Gorgeous" Zayn said to me of corse
"Hello Handsome" I said back

"Stop being all romantic zayn you only have been single for 3 hours" Lou screamed
"Shut up i can date whoever Whenever i want to" Zayn Protested ;)
"Date.?" I said suspisiously
"Your in for a ride. Dont worry" Zayn said sexually
" Wait! What happend with you and perrie!?!?!? i asked
" Well she cheated on me a...
" That sluty whore" I yelled
" Omg, shhh but i know right " he smiled
I giggled

"Omg guys i am starving i dont know about you guys but i want nandos..." Niall screamed
"Im starving too /; renee said shyly
"Im not so hungry" Katie said
"Same Here" Harry agreed
"Same" Zayn said
"Haha Me too" I said
"Well you two can go eat and the rest of us can go to the flat." harry answered
" Okay com'on babe lets go" Niall said
" Are you guys dating.? " Katie asked
" No.... Not yet " Niall said
" oooh lala " i said
" Ooooh renee you like niall.... YOUR BLUSHING ooooooh im telling. Lou screamed
" Well you kindof aready did" Renee said
" Haha Good bye you future love birds " I said

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