Forever young c;

The characters are Me (mariah) Katie and renee......
its what we want our future to be like with One Direction.... #NOhate


4. Pranking the drunks

** Niall's P.O.V ** Me and Renee are having a blast pretending we are drunk God she is soo perfect I have got to talk to the boys ( when they aren't drunk and ask them if I should make it official or not ) I really do like her and we had a good time at nandos tonight I just don't know what to do Zayn - okay boys I think I'm getting kindof tired Me - I'm drunk and tired Harry me too umm I only have a 5 bedroom house so of course I'm sleeping in my bed and boys you can have your rooms and the girls can sleep with you .. I guess but Katie is sleeping with me c; Me - Renee is with me Zayn - mariah is mine Harry - okay It's stettled now everyone sleep and no naughty stuff ok

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