Forever young c;

The characters are Me (mariah) Katie and renee......
its what we want our future to be like with One Direction.... #NOhate


3. Our date c;

*Renee's P.O.V*

He is sooooo perfect.... whhyyy.? I love him i hope he thinks im pretty... im having dinner with niall horan... So many thoughts are going through my mind i feel like i cant breathe.. This is perfect Niall - so have you ever ate at nandos before? Me - noo .. This is my first time .. Niall - oh you'll love it here <3 Me - I hope so c; Niall - you will trust me Me - I trust you Niall - yay.! That's good Me - haha yea * the waitress took out orders * I got a phone call Me - hello Mariah - how you doin Me - umm.. Fine are you drunk.? Niall looked at me funny Mariah - yes we are all drunk when your done with dinner with nailler you have to come get drunk with us ... Me - I might Mariah - okay byeeeeeeee Me - bye I hung up Niall - who was that.? Me - mariah .. Niall - what she want Me - well.. Her and the boys are all drunk and they want us too go get drunk with them .. Niall - well do you want to go get drunk with them Me - I don't know honestly but what do you want to do.? Niall - I don't really want to feel bad the next day soo.. We should prank them Me - omg.! How though.? Niall - we can get a bottle of vodka and empty it out and we can put water in it Me - haha omg.! Your so bad.! Niall - haha I know We ate our food and then left nandos and got a bottle of vodka Then went to Harry's flat ..

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