Forever young c;

The characters are Me (mariah) Katie and renee......
its what we want our future to be like with One Direction.... #NOhate


1. Getting ready for the Concert..

Mariah's P.O.V (point of view)

Me renee and kaite were getting ready to see the concert of our dreams.!
"Yo" I called
what renne yelled
My pants ripped ;o i cried
"Oh shit" she said
Guess who is wearing a skirt now I said
You.? She said
No WE all are.! Katie Come Here now I yelled
What.? Oh my god. hahahaha stupid She laughed
Stfu We have to wear skirts now I said
Maybe Harry will notice me and bring me backstage and look up my skirt c; she smiled
I said "Katie shut up he is not gonna do that"
Never Know She said

After Pointless arguing we got in the car and drove off..... 
I wore a Black Pencil skirt with a white shirt to keep it classy
Katie on the other hand wore the shortest skirt ever it was red with a black shirt that read #single.... she acted like harry was actually going to seduce her or something like thats gonna ever happen....
Renee Kept it classy to with a Mint colored penicl skirt With a white shirt
We all had light make-up on and styled hair...

" I cant wait till we get there" I said
Stfu and drive faster Renee yelled
Damn Someone needs a tampon i laughed pulling in the parking lot


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