When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


17. Will you be my princess?

Dakota's POV:

"Are we there yet?" Niall asked for the fourteenth time. "No not yet. Just about five minutes away." I told Niall. I looked over at him and he was rubbing his stomach. "Hungry?" I asked. Niall nodded. That made me laugh.

~five minutes later~

I pulled the car up into a field filled with cows, horses, and crops. "Is this the place?" Niall asked confused. "Yep! but this isn't where we are going!" I grinned. Niall looked confused. That just made me more excited. I then parked the car outside a little shelter.

"Please tell me we aren't going in there." Niall pointed to the shelter. I giggled. "No silly, Why would I make you go in there?" I replied. "I don't know." Niall answered.

We both got out of the car. "Okay I need you to follow me!" I shouted to Niall. I was running out to a small horse ranch. "Dakota wait up!" Niall yelled, but in seconds he was right by my side. I stopped at the barn. "Now I need you to pick out a horse, but none of the horses on the left side." I told Niall. After that I opened the doors. The smell of poop filled my nose.

Niall was clearly excited. "Are these all yours!?!?!?" Niall exclaimed running back and forth. "No I have a friend who owns them, but I come here all the time!" I replied with a smile on my face. "Well I wanna ride this one!" Niall stopped in front of a stall with a white horse with brown speckles.

"His name is peanut. He's a real sweetheart. You'll like him." I told Niall. Niall then pat Peanut. "Who are you gonna ride?" Niall asked me. I walked over to a stall with a perfectly white stallion. "I'm riding this one. His name is Gordon." I pat Gordon on the nose.

We both then got our horse tacked up and ready. Then we set off.

"So where are we gonna go?" Niall asked me. "we are just gonna keep going straight till we get to a pond." I replied excited. "When will that be?" Niall questioned. "around sunset which is in like ten minutes." I grinned.

We then kept on riding. We talked about life. Niall would tell me stories and I would tell him stories. There was NEVER a dull moment.

Then I could see the pond. The sun was just started to reach the horizon. "Hurry Niall! do you mind if we trot?" I asked. "I don't really mind, but I don't wanna go to fast." Niall replied. I nodded. I then clicked my tongue and both the horses started trotting.

Right when Peanut was getting hard for Niall to handle we were at the pond. "Okay we're here!" I exclaimed. I jumped off Gordon and I waited for Niall to get off Peanut.

"Wow!!" Niall said in aw when he got down. We were watching the sun set. It made the water a pretty purple and orange color. "This is beautiful!" Niall exclaimed. "I know right. This is my favorite part about Texas." I smiled.

Niall's POV:

The sunset was beautiful. I couldn't look away. Until I turned and saw Dakota in just as much aw as me. The sun rays hit her hair to where it almost lit up. Her perfect skin glowed. Dakota then turned to look at me and she blushed.

We slowly lent forward until our lips met. It was the perfect kiss! I knew right that moment that Dakota is my princess.

We finally broke the kiss. "Dakota." I said. "Yeah?" she answered still smiling. "Will you be my princess?" I asked. Her smile then lit up even more. "I'd love to!" She smiled. We then kissed one more time. It was too perfect.

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