When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


5. Their Suite

Emmy's POV:

Dakota, Mandi, and I were in Dakota's car on our way to One Direction's hotel! Before we left we got ourselves all Fixed up. Dakota had her blond hair curled and she wore a cute purple western dress that was above her knees. Mandi straightened her Dark Brown hair and she had on a green shirt with Oscar the grouch on it. I straightened my blond hair and I wore a yellow shirt with a ying yang sign on it.

"Okay they are staying...Here Here!!!!" Mandi yelled into Dakota's ear. Mandi was practically jumping out of her seat. "Omg you are going to kill someone from all your jumping around" I exclaimed. Mandi then stopped and blushed. "I'm just a little excited." Mandi giggled. "Yeah a little." Dakota replied rolling her eyes. Dakota pulled into the parking lot and we all got out.

"Oh my god they are staying at a nice suite apparently." Mandi looked to the top of the building. "Common They are waiting for us!" Dakota sighed grabbing Mandi's wrist. Dakota was dragging Mandi till we got to the door. The mandi went into full speed. We then ran into the Lobby. There was a lady at the front desk. "Hello may I help you?" she asked. "No ma'am we are just meeting some friends." I said to the lady. We then all when to the elevator. "They are on the 5th floor in room 15." Dakota told me and Mandi. "I still can't believe we are meeting up with One Direction!" Mandi squealed. a couple people looked at us and gave us the evil eye. "SHHHHHHHHH Mandi don't say that out loud!!!" Dakota shushed Mandi. "Oh okay." Mandi looked at the ground and started messing with the ring on her finger.

We all charged out of the Elevator. "15 15 15 15 15 15" Dakota said to herself as we searched the halls for room 15. "Okay here it is." Mandi said. I then knocked on the door. "Breath." I whispered to Dakota and Mandi who were about to freak out and faint. Then the door opened. "Hello girls come on in!" Zayn said. Zayn answered the door. Zayn. Zayn. Zayn flipping Malik! Dakota was the first one who went in. Then Mandi. I stood there staring at Zayn. "You must be Emmy." Zayn held out his hand for me to shake. I shook his hand. "Ye-yeah." I studdered. "Well love are you coming in?" Zayn asked. "Yeah I am." I quickly went in.

I walked in and saw Dakota and Mandi talking to the boys. Then I saw him. Harry Styles.

Harry's POV:

Dakota and Mandi were telling me and the lads about themselves. Then I heard Zayn come back to the main room. I looked up, but who I saw wasn't Zayn. A beautiful Blond haired girl was standing there right in from of the door way. We made eye contact for what seemed like forever. Then it was interrupted. "Guys this is Emmy. Dakota and Mandi's other friend." Zayn introduced her. Emmy waved and then blushed.

I stood up and walked over to her. "Want a tour of the suite?" I asked her. "S-sure." she blushed. I the lead her to each room. "and this is my room!" I lead her into my room. "Wow for a suite room it sure is big! especially since all you boys get a different room." she looked around the room. "Eh its no biggie." I shrugged. "Dakota and I we share a apartment and its not even this big!" Emmy stared in aw at my room. "well maybe you can stay here sometime and really see how big it is." I grinned at her. her face then turned a bright red. I laughed. "Common lets go back and see what everyone else is doing." I motioned her to follow.

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