When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


15. The girls and their boys

Dakota's POV:

DING DONG! The doorbell rang. "OH MY GOD THEY ARE HERE!" Mandi yelled as she scrambled to the door. "Hello boys come in come in!" she answered the door and motioned them in. Emmy then ran into the room. She bumped right into Harry.

"oh my god I'm sorry!" she said. "Its okay so what did you girls do without us?" Harry asked. "Y'ALL! Y'ALL ITS Y'ALL NOT YOU GIRLS!" I yelled at Harry. Mandi then stared at me surprised.

"You do not correct Harry Motherfucking Styles!" Mandi told me she then gave me a small slap on the cheek and walked back next to Zayn. "Geez I'm sorry." I replied.

Niall then walked over to me and put his arm around me. "It's okay Harry doesn't mind being corrected." Niall hugged me. I smiled. THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU NIALL!

Emmy's POV:

Niall and Dakota then started talking and flirting. Zayn, Louis, and Mandi were all talking about London. Harry and I were standing next to each other awkwardly.

"So nice place you have." Harry said. "Thanks Dakota and I live here together, but Dakota does all the decorating except for my room she didn't decorate it." I replied shrugging. "You already told me 'yall' live together." Harry chuckled. "I knew that!" I replied quickly.

"So wanna give me a tour?" Harry asked. "I'd love to! right this way!" I lead Harry down the hall.

Mandi's POV:

"But Texas has horses." I said. "So does London!" Louis replied. Louis and I were arguing about Texas and London. We were arguing about how Texas is Better and Louis doesn't agree.

"Well Texas has to hometown of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato!" I exclaimed. "Well London is where I live!" Louis replied smirking. "Shit okay you win." I frowned in my defeat.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH Now you owe me some braums ice cream!" Louis shouted. "Fine I will go get it." I replied unhappily. "I'll go with you." Zayn offered. "Okay. EVERYONE ZAYN AND I ARE LEAVING TO GET LOUIS SOME ICE CREAM WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK!" I shouted. "OKAY!" Dakota and Emmy yelled back in unison.

Zayn and I then left to get the ice cream.

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