When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


9. Prank

Niall's POV:

Dakota and I were sneaking through the suite grabbing supplies for our prank. "Here is the whipped cream!" Dakota handed me the whipped cream. "Hey I though you said it was never opened!" I exclaimed. "I couldn't resist just a taste." Dakota giggled. I smiled. She's my kinda girl! Dakota and I the got to work setting things up. Harry and Emily were fast asleep in Harry's bed. "Alright its done!" Dakota grinned. We both then snuck out of the room without making a sound.

We were headed back to the room till someone stopped us. "Okay no one pranks without me!" Mandi exclaimed. "Promise not to tell them who it was!" Dakota begged Mandi. "Please don't! Harry won't fix me breakfest!!!!" I was upset. Mandi laughed. "Are you kidding? I can't let a good prank like that give the credit to some love birds!" Mandi smirked. Dakota's face turned a light color of pink.

"So you won't say it was us?" Dakota asked. Mandi chuckled. "No but I'm not gonna say it was me either! I have a much better idea." Mandi grinned.

(Next Morning)

"OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT!" Harry yelled. Dakota, Mandi, and I then burst out laughing. Harry came stomping into the room covered with syrup and whipped cream. "Where's Louis!?!?" Harry exclaimed. "Bathroom." Mandi replied pointing to the nearest bathroom. Mandi then whispered something to Dakota. Dakota luaghed.

"Louis why the hell did you do this!?!?!?" Harry exclaimed yelling at Louis. He sounded pretty upset to. It was funny. "It wasn't me!" Louis exclaimed. "Then why did I get this note on my door handle saying 'Love BooBear'?" Harry was still yelling. That was when Mandi and Dakota burst out laughing.

Emmy then walked into the kitchen awkwardly. She was covered in syrup and sugar. She didn't look mad, but she didn't look upset. She sat down at the table and started laughing. She looked at Dakota. "Good one." Emily laughed. I looked at Emmy confused. Why was she laughing? How does she know its Dakota's prank? Mandi knew I was confused. "Dakota's number one prank is syrup and sugar in the morning. Emmy, Dakota, and I have pranking wars." Mandi explained. "Oh." I replied.

"Wait so it wasn't Louis?" Harry had entered the room. "No I wrote the note so you would think its Louis." Mandi smiled approving her own mini prank. Harry had a blank expression on his face. " It was funny! and atleast now we taste sweet!" Emmy told Harry. Harry then smiled. "I guess your right."

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