When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


8. Just a night

Zayn's POV:

Dakota and Niall were still gone. Liam and Louis passed out on the couch while watching Toy Story. Emmy and Harry were flirting. Mandi and I were just watching the movie. "Soooooooooo?" Mandi dragged out the so. "So what?" I asked confused. Mandi was about to reply, but then Dakota and Niall barged into the room laughing. Laughing VERY loud. "So you two have alot of FUN?" Mandi winked at Dakota. "Yes!" Dakota grinned. "Ew gross." Mandi exclaimed. Louis the woke up. "Who farted!?" Louis exclaimed. "No one. Just Dakota and Niall had 'fun'."Mandi burst out laughing. Louis then started laughing to. Niall and Dakota turned bright red.

"Soo y'all have fun here?" Niall asked trying to change the subject. "Not as much fun as you and Dakota had!" Harry exclaimed. Everyone then laughed. even Dakota started laughing. "Okay we get it, but it seems like Harry and Emmy are getting pretty close to wanting some fun." Dakota stated. "Naw they already had it." Mandi burst out laughing. Harry and Emmy then turned bright red. "Um can we stop talking about this subject?" Emmy asked awkwardly.

We all then decided to go back to our own things. Dakota and Niall had went to Niall's room to 'hang out.' Harry and Emmy had went to Harry's room too. Liam was watching the rest of the movie. Louis and Mandi were having a conversation. I was just sitting there awkwardly. "Well I'm gonna go to bed! common Liam lets leave Zayn and Mandi here for 'bonding' time." Louis winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Mandi then sat next to me on the couch I was sitting on. "Sooo Zayn...."

Dakota's POV:

Niall and I were laying on his bed laughing. "Okay okay did you ever wonder why non mental people act more mental than people who really are mental?" I asked Niall. "Yes I mean seriously me and the lads, mainly Liam, we act so mental sometimes!" Niall started laughing. "Mandi and I are like mentally retarded weirdos we are just so CRAY CRAY sometimes!" I laughed. "Dakota?" Niall said. "Yess?" I asked. "Your laugh is adorable." He smiled at me. "Not as adorable as yours!" I stated.

"Wanna do something fun?" Niall asked. "Like what?" I asked. "Like do something funny. like a prank on Harry." Niall chuckled. "OKay but I have a good idea for what we should do." I grinned. "I'm all ears." Niall replied.

(A/N: Hey Directioners! I wanted y'all to know that in this fanfic none of the guys have girlfriends unless its with my characters. Oh except for Louis he is still with Eleanor in this fanfic.

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