When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


3. I know you!!!!

Zayn's POV:

I looked at the girl who ran into me. Her face then lightened up entirely when she looked at me. "Y-you-your Zayn Malik!" she squealed. "Yeah and I'm guessing your a directioner?" I smiled at her. "I'm Dakota." she stuck her hand out for me to shake it. "Nice to meet you Dakota." I said as I shook her hand. she then giggled. "So what brings you to this part of Dallas?" she asked. "Just sight seeing." I replied. "In a small park?" she asked. I shrugged. Then another girl ran up beside Dakota. "YOUR ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!!" She screamed. "My ears!" I grabbed my ears. "oops I'm sorry!" she blushed. "Zayn this is my best friend Mandi. She's just a little crazy." Dakota introduced her friend. "Nice to meet you Mandi." I held my hand out for her to shake. She just stared at my hand. She then looked up at me. "I-I love you very much." she studdered. "haha okay..." I replied a little creeped out. "Well Zayn your gonna be in Dallas for a while right?" Dakota asked. "Yeah why?" I replied. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted my number in case me, you, mandi, and the rest of the boys could hang out." She suggested. "Sure. here you can put it in my phone." I handed her my phone. She then typed in her phone number and Mandi's number. "Okay see you later!" she said as she and mandi left. "Ok bye!" I replied waving back.

I walked into the hotel room. Harry was sitting on the couch with Niall. Liam was on the bed with Louis. "Hey lads!" I said as I walked in. "Hey Zayn you missed a good meet and greet." Liam replied. "You guys missed some Directioners I met at the park. Their names are Dakota and Mandi." I said blushing a little when I said Dakota's name. Harry saw me turn red. "Oooooo does Zayny have a crushy wushy?" Harry teased. "Shut up and no I don't have a Crushy Wushy. anyway the girls invited us all to hang out with them sometime." I replied ignoring the kissing noises Harry was making. "Cool did you get their numbers?" Louis asked. "Yeah." I replied. "Great then its a date!" Louis winked.

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