When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


18. Fight

Dakota's POV:

Niall squeezed my hand. We were in the car heading back to the apartment. I turned to look at Niall. He was staring at me with a huge smile plastered on his face. "Did you loose something over here?" I joked. Niall laughed. He squeezed my hand again. "Nope! I just can't get over the sight of your beauty." Niall replied smiling. I giggled.

I then drove up into the parking lot. Right when I pulled in I got a text from Emmy.

weirdo (a.k.a. Emmy!!!): Don't bother coming its a mess.

I was surprised from the text. I wonder what she meant.

Me: what's going on?

Emmy's POV:

"Oh my god Zayn give it a break!" Mandi shouted. My phone buzzed. It was Dakota.

retard (a.k.a. Dakota: What's going on.

I sighed. "don't tell me what to do!" Zayn shouted back at Mandi. "someone get them to shut up! I'm trying to watch a movie!!!" Liam shouted from the couch. I then dialed Dakota's number so she could hear the drama for herself.

Dakota: Hello?

Me: Its cray cray up here!

Dakota: What's wrong?

Me: Listen.

(Mandi and Zayn's fight)

Mandi: seriously Zayn I thought it didn't matter!

Zayn: well your the one that made it matter!

(off speaker)

Me: they just came back and were in a huge fight. They've been fighting for 5 straight minutes.

Dakota: Niall and I are outside...Is it a good time to come in?

Me: You know how Mandi is. she'll want you to take her side.

Dakota: *sighs* I'll be there in a minute.

(call ended)

I searched the room for Harry right when Dakota hung up. He wasn't in the main room. I dragged myself to where Liam was sitting. "Where's Harry?" I asked. Liam shrugged. "He went to your room!" Louis shouted from the floor.

I then left the main room and headed to my room. The first thing I saw was Harry looking at my pictures. I walked over to where he was. "Who's this girl?" Harry asked holding up a picture. "That's my sister." I replied gloomly.

"Where is she?" He asked. I sighed. "I honestly don't know. We got in a huge fight before I came to Texas and I haven't seen her ever since." I answered. Harry searched my face. "How long ago was that?" He asked again.

I shrugged. "Dakota, Mandi, and I moved here when we were 16. and we are all 18 now. so I haven't seen my sister in two years, but I see my parents as often as I can." I replied. Harry nodded. From then on it was quiet.

Dakota's POV:

Niall and I barged into the apartment. We were greeted by the sound of Mandi and Zayn yelling at each other. Damn Emmy was right about it being crazy. Liam was sitting on the couch, while Louis was laying on the floor. They were watching Iron man 2. I searched the room for Emmy and Harry, but they were no where to be seen.

"Just leave me alone!" Mandi shouted. She then stomped off to my room. Zayn slammed his fist on the counter. "Louis where are the keys?" Zayn snapped. "On the table." Louis replied. Zayn then grabbed their keys and stomped out of the apartment.

"I'm gonna go check on Mandi." I assured Niall. "Okay I'll check on Zayn." We then both went our separate ways. I looked back at Niall. He was already out the door. I sighed. He is all mine, but Zayn and Mandi's fight might've ruined it.

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