When I look at You

My name is Dakota. I live in Texas. One day The worlds most popular boyband comes to visit. That's when I meet One Direction. Is there Love? Are there fights? You have to read and find out.


6. Braums

Mandi's POV:

Dakota and I were talking with the boys till Emmy and Harry came back. "Soooo Emmy anything exciting?" I winked at her. I'm gonna ruin her good girl image. "Mandi your a perv." Dakota exclaimed. "Oh that's not what I was talking about! I was talking about did she have a fun trip through the hallways..." I grinned. Dakota rolled her eyes. Niall and Zayn then burst out laughing. "So what do you guys wanna do?" Niall asked. "Boy we are in texas we say y'all not you guys." Lexi started giving Niall some boring speech about Texas, but apparently he thought it was funny.

"Hey are you there???" Zayn started waving his hand in my face. "Nooo i'm at Mars skiing with Justin Bieber." I stated with sarcasm. "Oh well have fun!" Louis said from across the room. "Boy don't you be listening to my conversations." I replied. Louis then put his hands in the air. "I'm innocent!" He cried out. "Sure." I rolled my eyes.

"So guys what are we gonna do?" Liam asked everyone. "I think this is good bonding time. LOL just kidding!" Louis yelled. "Lou please don't yell. anyway I think we should watch Toy Story." Liam then walked over to the TV and put in Toy Story. "Liam we've seen this one a million times!" Zayn groaned. "Can we get a snack?" Niall asked. "Sure Niall wy don't you and Dakota go get everyone milkshakes." Harry suggested. I watched his matchmaking magic happen right before my eyes. "Okay. common Dakota!" Nialla and Dakota then left.

Dakota's POV:

Niall and I were on our way to Braums which is a ice cream shop. We were riding in my car. Cause Niall doesn't have a car. "So how long have you lived in Texas?" Niall asked. "I lived here for a year. Mandi and her family moved her so Me and Emmy moved here too." I smiled remembering the car ride to Dallas with Mandi and Emmy. Good Times. "Where did you live before?" Niall asked. "Oklahoma!" I grinned. Niall laughed. "What?" I asked. "You just made a really funny face!" Niall burst out laughing. I could then feel my face turn bright red.

We were then at braums. "Okay what will the lads want?" I asked. "Um Dakota they actually don't want anything." Niall started squirming in his seat. "Then why did Harry send us out besides for you to get a snack?" I asked. "Well I was wondering if you would maybe like to go out with me tomarrow." Niall squirmed a little bit more. I turned to look at him. His face was a slight color of pink. "You have no idea how long I've wanted you to say that!" I exclaimed. I then hugged him very tightly. i'm gonna go on a date. With Niall.

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