The Dating Trials

Kassadey needs help restoring her best friend from the blubbering goo she's become, so she recruits the help of college campus jock and minor league bad boy, Reid Logan, to lead her friend on just enough to heal her broken heart without crushing her all over again in the process. But what happens when someone falls in love for real? And just who will it be?


2. Interview #1


So that’s your excuse, then? You were selfish and just wanted your room mate to shut up about her broken heart, is that it?

Absolutely not! I was only trying to help, honest. I had no way of knowing that this is how things would turn out.

Well whoever said she was ready to move on, anyway?

It had been months. It was time to move on, whether she was ready or not. If she’d kept it up much longer, it would’ve looked seriously unhealthy.

Unhealthy?! How rude!

I’m only being honest. No one should be hung up on someone for that long. I mean, if you’re still in love with them, okay, but you should still be able to at least go on with your life and learn to be okay again, even if you aren’t necessarily happy.

Happiness is fleeting.

So is lust. You don’t see people curling into a ball and sobbing after they have sex because they don’t know when they’ll get laid next.

That’s a terrible comparison.

Yet effective.

Alright. Whatever. Moving on. Say you had never done this little….shall we say, transaction with Mr. Logan. What do you think would’ve transpired?

I can’t say for sure. Maybe he’d have found someone else. Maybe not. Maybe my beloved roommate would’ve gotten over things on her own—but I doubt it. Maybe hearts wouldn’t have gotten broken. And maybe I’d still have my best friend.

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