The Dating Trials

Kassadey needs help restoring her best friend from the blubbering goo she's become, so she recruits the help of college campus jock and minor league bad boy, Reid Logan, to lead her friend on just enough to heal her broken heart without crushing her all over again in the process. But what happens when someone falls in love for real? And just who will it be?


1. Recruitment


Reid Logan peered down at the girl -of shockingly small stature- who stood in front of him like a bundle of nerves. He knew she was in his Abnormal Psychology class every Tuesday and Thursday, Professor Laurent's 10 o'clock class, but he honestly didn't even know her name.

"Please?" she begged him, determination fiery in her sapphire blue eyes. The same eyes boring into the sea foam green of his own.

He sighed. "What's your name again?"

"Kassadey Mara."

"And what you're asking me, Kassadey Mara, is to lead your best friend on in order to get her over a break up?"

Kassadey nodded vehemently. "Exactly."

Reid ran a hand through his short, sandy brown hair. "What do I get out of this deal?"

Kassadey studied him for a moment. "I'll do your Psych homework any time you're busy with her, and I'll help support your habit," she said, motioning to the cigarette hanging precariously between Reid's fingertips.

Reid chewed on his bottom lip, thinking it over. "Alright. Fine. On one more condition."

Kassadey sighed in annoyance, but complied as means of getting what she needed out of him. "Yes?"

"I'm not hanging around in this linger than four months. Once the four month mark rolls around, I'm out."

Kassadey smiled. "That should be more than ample time. Thank you so much!" she squealed, jumping up and throwing her arms around Reid's neck.

Reid, caught of guard, made an awkward sort of gesture at patting her back. "Just remember the guidelines, Blue."

"Blue?" Kassadey asked in confusion.

"Yeah, Blue. Like your eyes." He tweaked her nose, nodded at her, then snatched the iPhone hanging half way out of the pocket of her dark tanned leather jacket, and quickly applied his number, name and all, into her contacts list. Then he slipped it back into her messenger bag -it was safer in there- and sauntered off.

Then Kassadey exhaled a deep breath she'd been holding. She never knew she'd have the courage -or balls- to talk to a jock like him. She chuckled begrudgingly when she noticed her hands shaking slightly. But she'd gotten her way as always, and that was all that mattered. Now maybe her best friend would quit holing up in their dorm room and making the atmosphere constant gloom and depression. Maybe now Kassadey would get some sleep without having to suffer through hearing Alicia crying her heart out every night. This would be as good for her as it would be for Alicia.

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