a day in london

courtney and hailey go to london to make there dreams come true but what happens when they meet 1D at a signing read on. i'm posting 2-3 chapters a day


1. the airport

Courtney's p.o.v. "Omg i can't believe we're here" i said to my bff hailey. We just moved here from canada. "I'll call my mom to let her know we're here". I called my mom and then I looked up locations to my apartment. I should introduce myself I'm Courtney valentine I'm 19 years old and I loved to hang with boys my friend is Hailey boyes she's 19 like me we've been friends since grade 1. " come on slow poke" she said. she called a cab while i carried the 4 suitcases.When we got there the woman said it has 2 bathrooms 2bedrooms 1 giant kitchen and the living room had 2 love seats and 1 3person sized sofa. 4 hours later... ugh that was so much unpacking.I unpacked the almost everything all she unpacked was her purse collection. It's 9:57 pm im tired im gonna go to bed  Authors note Its really late so i'll post more tomorrow after school


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