One Direction #imagines

I love making imagines for my self and others and i decided to make a book full of them. Hope you like and if you have and ideas let me know:)XXXX


1. Niall #imagine he misses you BAD

LONG NIALL #imagine

#imagine :


N: i miss her so much Liam. (while looking at a picture of you on his phone)
L: i miss A lot of people too
N: no but you don't get it ! I need her with me now!
L: you'll see her in a couple days Niall.
N: i want to see her now. I cant be without her for so long . It - it breaks me . *now tearing up*

Zayn walks in.

Z : whats wrong Nialler?
N: i miss (YN)
Z: oh , we know you love her but we have to do our job.
N: i know. I just wish i had her here with me.

With that he sees zayn & liam smirking at eachother.

N: what?
Z&L: nothing.


I was with my best friend when i got a call from Liam.

Y: hello?
L: (YN) please tell me you're not busy this weekend .
Y: haha im not, whats up?
L: we need to get you here, niall needs you.
Y: WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? Is my nialler okay!?
L: wow calm down babe, he's fine he just misses you so much.
Y: ohhh, you almost gave me a heart attack! Okay then i'll go.
L: okay someone will be there to pick you up and take you to the airport tomorrow morning.
Y: so you had this all planed out?
L: zayn & i did .
Y: okay see you then !
L : okay bye.

With that you tell your best friend and she helps you pack up.

*the next day*

You arrived at the air port in America & saw another car waiting for you there as well. Wow liam & zayn were good at planning you thought .

You call Liam:

Y: im in the car with the driver .
L: okay call me when you're outside.

The car ride lasted about 25min. You were so excited to see your Nialler.

Y: liam I'm outside.
L: okay wait i'll go get you!

He opened the door.

L : okay be quite. I want to surprise Niall.

You walk into their living room and there Niall was watching a football (soccer) game on tv . He was in shock when he saw you. He wouldn't even say hi.

Y: so are you just going to sit there?

He immediately stood up and ran to you at the sound of your voice . He hugged you and kissed you so passionately. Crashing you against the wall. Fingers tangled in your hair.

N: oh my , i cant believe you're here princess. I missed you so much.

Not letting you go.

Y: i missed you so much too! Liam & Zayn planned this! Thanks to them im here.

Liam & Zayn come in .

Z: we just had to make Niall smile again.
L: we HAD to . Its depressing seeing him without you.
Y: awww . Im here now.

With that Niall crashes his lips onto yours once again. Still not believing you were here with him.

N: i love you so much. I cant stand being away from you.
Y: i hate being away from you too.
N: you're my princess. You're mine .
Y: i love you so so much.
N: me too

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