Come and find me

Jess has a lot of secrets. She hides in the corner at school dances. She is the mysterious loner. Will that change when she meets a boy that brightens her whole world?


2. The new boys

I was just starting on a test, when the principal call and said he wanted to see me. When I walked in, there were two boys, one with longish blond hair and bright blue eyes. Another with long wavy brown hair and puppy brown eyes. They both stared at me, I felt really self conscious, I've only have boys give me dirty looks, not at all like this. "Jess," the principal said. "Yes?" I answer nervously. "These boys are new, they are in all of you're classes, do you mind showing them around, and give them a place to sit at lunch. Setting aside your...issues." "Of course," I replied, "Alright, this is Niall Horan," he said gesturing to the blonde,"and Liam Payne," he said gesturing to the brunette. "Alright, I would be more than happy to," I responded politely. The three of us got up and walked out, behind us the principal called,"And boys please watch out for Jess, and stand up for her when she needs it," "Yes sir," they said. We walked through the hallways is silence, but Liam grabbed my arm, turning me around,"What did he mean your issues, and for us to watch out for you?" He asked,"I'm one of the least popular kids, I get picked on in huge ways, and I only have one friend," I replied,"Well, now you have two more," Niall said. I smiled and we walked into class, the teacher introduced them, and all the girls screamed. I gave them a confused look, and they just shook their heads.
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