Come and find me

Jess has a lot of secrets. She hides in the corner at school dances. She is the mysterious loner. Will that change when she meets a boy that brightens her whole world?


5. Something is seriously wrong...but what?

I open my eyes to see a blury white room, I hear someone say my name, it sounds distorted, that's all I remember before falling asleep again. When I open my eyes again, I think I'm in the same room; but I'm not sure, it's dark, so it's hard to tell. I see Morgan and Niall are here with me, there's something odd though, Niall's holding my hand, even in his sleep. I pull my hand away, and rub both of them over my face, I feel the tiny scar my step mom gave me, she was planning on making my partially blind, she threw a knife for my eye, but I ducked just in time, so it grazed so close to my temple, I was lucky. Niall must have felt me remove my hand, he slowly gets up, he sees me looking back at him, he jumps up and hugs my really tight, but it's comforting, "Don't wake up Morgan, and I can't breathe," I mutter into his shoulder, "You were asleep for three days," he whispered back, he sounded on the verge of tears, "It's okay," I whispered in his ear, "everything's going to be okay," I sounded more calm than I was. How could I be out for three didn't feel like that long. Niall pulled away, "I like you, I really like you," he said, I was so shocked that I didn't do anything when he first kissed me, then slowly, I came to my senses and kissed back. He pulled away, saying, "Time for bed," I moved over, I didn't care if this bed was small I wanted him to sleep next to me, he scooted in, and wrapped his arms around me, and together we fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of nocking on the door, it opened to reveal a doctor, "Jess?" he asked, "Yeah?" I replied, "You need to eat more, we had to inject food into your stomach, there were so little food. What and how much do you eat?" he asked, "Normally, I only drink water, maybe a granola bar or cookie," I replied, "Okay, you're going to need to stay a few more days," he told me, "Alright," I replied, he walked out and I fell back asleep, just now realizing Niall. I gave him a small kiss on his forehead, and fell asleep.
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