Come and find me

Jess has a lot of secrets. She hides in the corner at school dances. She is the mysterious loner. Will that change when she meets a boy that brightens her whole world?


4. Five famous friends

I woke up to Niall's gorgeous face over mine, it was so close almost like he was about to kiss me. He backed away and Morgan ran over and hit my arm, so I slapped her stomach, "Just testing your reflexes," she said sweetly, half holding her stomach. "How long was I out," I grumbled angrily, "About a half hour," Morgan replied. I sighed I was having an awesome dream, my crush, Nathan (Nate) Bell, and I were going out, we were watching a scary movie, and he would pull me closer every time I thought something was scary. I smiled slightly remembering my dream, but Liam's voice brought me to reality," Why did you faint?" he asked, "I have rich, famous friends," I said in disbelief. I stood up feeling dizzy, I reached to clutch for something, because I could already feel myself falling again, I stumbled forward with Liam and Niall catching me. What the hell was going on? They gently laid me down on the couch, I felt unusually tired, my eyes slid closed. I felt a pair of strong arms lift me up and carry me somewhere, I was laid down on something soft, it felt like laying on air. I remember hearing someone say,"Just let her stay, she apparently needs her sleep," it was a guys voice, and that was the last thing I heard before my mind wandered into a nightmarish sleep.

*Jess's dream*

I was thrashing at it, kicking, and hitting whatever it was that had decided to take a deep, painful bite into my lower thigh. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I knew I was in a nightmare, but for some reason I couldn't escape the dream world. The thing had claws, and it took them down my leg in deep, searing cuts that burned, like poison or venom had been dripped into the wounds. I felt someone shaking me in the real world, but I still couldn't escape. I cried and yelled in pain as the creature took my whole right leg off, and decided to finish it somewhere else. I was terrified, I was losing blood fast, my eyes and head felt heavy, I laid down and fell asleep. I woke with a start, I looked around, this place was unfamiliar. I looked down at my leg, which had nail marks in it, my eyes were wet with fresh tear stains. The door opened, revealing Niall, Liam, and their three friends. "You look really pale, is everything okay?" Liam asked. Just then I saw my dad walk in, I was devastated, I ran up and hugged him, all the boys looked at me like I was crazy. "Boys this is my dad, dad these ar-" "Jess, your dad isn't here," Liam look concerned, and with that, I passed out again.
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