Come and find me

Jess has a lot of secrets. She hides in the corner at school dances. She is the mysterious loner. Will that change when she meets a boy that brightens her whole world?


6. Can I stay with you?

As I was getting signed out, Morgan came over to me, and said, "Uhh... Jess, I uh... I'm moving soon," she stuttered, my jaw dropped, "I... uhh...uhh," I said, I felt tears building up in my eyes. The boys had called their driver, so I ran to the car, I collapsed in the back seat and cried my eyes out. I felt a firm, but gentle hand on my back, I looked up to see Liam. "Are you okay, love," he asked, "Yeah," I huffed, in a shaky voice, "Yeah, I'm fine," "You don't sound okay," Liam said, then he pulled me up and hugged me, rubbing his hand up and down my back, once I felt it lower than all the other strokes, right above my ass. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING," I screamed, he came closer to me, "You're beautiful, did you know that," he replied pushing me back on the seat, I fought it though, "Liam, I'm dating Niall," I said quickly, Liam stopped trying to kiss me and leaned back, sighing. "oh, why were you crying," he asked trying to change the subject, "Morgan's moving and I can't go home," I replied. I heard Niall and Morgan coming, I pushed Liam away and went up to Niall, kissing him gently, trying to show Liam that when I ever have a boyfriend, I stay loyal. Morgan was already in the car, I stepped up, and thanks to my bad knee, I couldn't finish getting myself in. "Fuck," I sighed, Morgan pulled, and Niall pushed, the three of us were in the middle row, Liam had climbed in the back. I stretched my leg out on Morgan's lap, and rested my head on Niall's shoulder, as he started stroking my hair, I sighed, and moved as close to him as possible. When we got to the boy's house, Niall led me up to his room, I was still kind of limping, so he picked me up, and carried me to his room. As he set me down on his bed, my face turned bright red, my first day dating this guy, and I already made a fool of myself. "You know what?" Niall asked, while laying down next to me, "What?" I asked, "You are an amazing girl, I have no clue why everyone at school would pick on you," he said, my eyes welled up, "That's the most kind thing I've heard from a guy in a while," I replied. After a while of thinking about it, I asked, "Can I stay with you for awhile, I can't go home, and Morgan's moving," I asked, "Of course you can," he replied instantly, "Do you also think just you and I could stay home from school for the rest of the week, and we could send the other boys away for the rest of the week, so it's just you and me? A little couple time maybe?" I asked, "Sure, I can see if Paul will write us a note," Niall answered, I gave him a puzzled look, "Oh yeah, forgot, Paul's our manager," "Ooohhh," I said, "I'm glad I can stay with you," I said, "Me too," Niall said, I was quite happy, later, he said that we could go out and get me some clothes, as many as I wanted, I was happyish, I was always limited  to a very small wardrobe.

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