Forever and Always

*ONE DIRECTION FAN FICTION!!!!!!* Believe Mason and her best friend/ sister Hannah Bartley's mom is getting a new job as a hair designer for a band. The girls want it to be Maroon 5 but that isn't gonna happen. What happens to them when they find out its One Direction and when they start to develop feelings for them? Read to find out!*********** this is my first thingies so please no hate!!


1. WHAT!!??

"WHAT!!??" yelled my sister Hannah and me. "You got a new job!!??" Hannah yelled "Hannah shut up let me speak!!" I yelled "Okay girls stop yelling I'm getting ready to go deff!!!" Said my Mom "yes I'm getting a new job- " what type of job is it?" I said cutting her off "A hair designer for a band." "What band?" Said Hannah and me hoping its Maroon 5 "Well it has 5 guys in it," said my mom "IS IT MAROON 5!!!!???? Me and my sister yelled "No it's............" just tell us already!!! I said " It's One Direction!!!"said my mom.
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