Unexpected Love

When Anna walks through a wrong door, will it end up being the right one? Find out in Unexpected Love.


3. Is it me?


We filed into our seats and waited till the arena went dark and you see a video on the  screen. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 


They start to sing and I try to keep calm and watch all of them sing, but I have my eyes on Harry.

After singing around 3 songs, they take a break.

Liam and Niall do a little dance and say thank you to the fans, same with Louis and Zayn.

Then Harry. What is going to happen?

He stands out in the front of the stage, looking for something or someone in the crowd. 

"Well, first of all I'd like to say thank you to Paul for being Paul. Secondly, I like to thank all of you and your support to help One Direction! We have the best fanbase ever! Thirdly a dedication to a girl , a special girl, who I won't address. All I can say is that she is beautiful and I just met her. So if you know who you are, this one is dedicated to you, "What Makes You Beautiful" "

"OMG , that's me, that's me!" I yell so loud! 

He heard me somehow and looked back and gave me a wink and blew me a kiss.




The show ended. Best Concert EVER.

'Ok , what did you mean when you said that was me?'

I gave a slight smile and bit my lip.



We both squeal and I tell her the story of how we met.

"Call him!"

"No, I don't want to bother him."

"Yes, bother him, he likes to be bothered, doesn't he?!"

"All right, all right, you win."

I pull out my white Iphone 4s and dial the number into my keypad.


"Speaker!" Amber squeals.

We pull into a parking spot so Amber can't be distracted.

Harry: Hello?

Anna: Hi, it's me.

Harry: Hi, glad you called. What are you doing tonite?

Anna: Nothing much, Why?

Harry: Want to come over to my hotel room? Midnight picnic under the stars?

Anna: Sounds romantic. Yes :) *bites lip*

Harry: great , I'll text you the address

Anna: OK, sounds good.

Anna; See you soon

Harry: See you :)

"Oh my God! You just got a date with HArry Styles!!!"

"I know ! Can you drop me off at this address?"


"let me text my mom"

Anna: hey mom!

Mom: Hey honey! How was the concert?

Anna: Amazing! HArry Styles asked me out!!!!

Mom: For real???!! OMG! Happy 4 u! When is the date?

Anna: Tonite. Midnght picnic under the stars . Be home in a few hours?

Mom: Ok , I guess it's fine 

Anna: Thanks!

"I'm going on a date with Harry STyles!!!"

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