Unexpected Love

When Anna walks through a wrong door, will it end up being the right one? Find out in Unexpected Love.


4. I Can Smell Love In The Air



Arriving at hotel

We pull up to a parking space close to the entry of the hotel.

As we walk in a soft breeze flies through my hair, sending it flying backwards.

We go to the front desk.

"Hi, welcome to The Ritz Carlton, what room are you staying in?"

"Oh I'm actually visiting a room."

"Ok, sure, just go up the elevator to the correct floor!"


"Your welcome, have a great time!"

I press the button to go up the elevator.

"have fun girl!"

"I will, I'll text you when you can come pick me up."

"Sounds good!"

I give her a hug and walk in the elevator meeting a husky guy named Paul.

"Hi "

"Hi miss."

"So, aren't you One Direction's bodyguard?"


"Oh cool, I;m Annalisa."

I shake his hand, his twice as big as mine.

"Harry's expecting you."

"I know :)" I say with a cheeky smile.

"Have fun, kid." Paul tells me as the elevator reached the 6th floor and I get off the lift.

I walk down the long hallway and see a head poking out of a door. It was Harry.

"Right on time" He says stepping out of the doorway, reaching for my hand.

"Oh Harry, this is beautiful."

I walk in the room, lights dimmed, rose petals and a smell of Dark Kiss.

He leads me to the large balcony.

"Put these on" He hands me a blindfold and I put it over my eyes.

He walks me over to a door, opens it and has me step on the balcony.

"Take it off"

I take the blindfold off and I'm greeted by Harry's smile. He shows me the picnic blanket and basket filled with his homemade food. Yum!

"Wow! Harry, this takes my breath away!"

"I'm glad you like it!" He says with a smile

I spot two sleeping bags and point to them. 

"Those?" I question

"So we can lay under the stars and find constellations."

He puts his arm around my waist and smiles, and leads me to the picnic blanket.

"I'll sit here." I say.

I sit down on the warm plaid blanket as Harry plops down beside me and wraps another blanket around us so we don't get cold. But his body warmth instantly made me feel safe.

"So tell me" he asks as he pours me some Aqua Panna water into my wine glass.

"How lucky was I to meet you, out of the blue, how did you find the door?" he asks politely while smiling intensely at me.

"I guess we're both pretty lucky if you ask m-"

As I try to push out my words, the only constellations I see are Harry's eyes coming towards mine. His lips sync into mine like a puzzle piece perfectly matched. This was my one true and proud to say that. :)

We end our kiss and look up at the night sky.

"You see that one star right in front of us?" He points to the biggest star in the sky.

"It's beautiful." I stare in awe of its beauty.

"Why don't we name it our star?" He asks with his little cheeky accent and smile.

"What should we name it?" 

"What about Annalisa?" He offers me a smile.

"Stop it , you're making me blush!" I playfully shove him and then rest my head on his warm shoulder.

He quickly throws another blanket over me, noticing I'm cold and then he rubs my arms to make me feel warmer as I just sit in his arms feeling the toasty warmth of his body.

"Let's take a photo of it and us. To always cherish this moment!" I say offering my phone to him.

He swiftly presses the camera and snaps a perfect shot of us and our star. Harry and me's star. My lover and me's star. 

"It's beautiful! Can you send it to me?" He asks me as I obviously agree.

"Got it." He shouts telling me he got the picture. He's so cute :).

"I'm posting this everywhere so everyone can see my beautiful girlfriend." He looks at me and smiles and then flicks his luscious brown locks of hair.

"Girlfriend?" I confusingly smile.

"Yes love." He cheekily replies as he retrieved  an object from his left pocket.

"Annalisa, will you please accept the honor of being my girlfriend?" He looks at me hoping I'd say yes and offers me a closed lip smile.

"Yes, Harry, I will!" I reply back and stare into his eyes and kiss him once more.

He opens the palm of his hand and places the silver promise ring on my right pointer finger. How beautiful. I stared at it in awe. 

It was silver with a diamond in the middle and words read"I Promise"

"Harry, this is just beautiful," I get tears in my eyes.

"You deserve it" He smiles and gives me a huge hug as I once again rest my head on his warm shoulder.

"I love you" he says

"Me too." I reply 

And then it happens, our first kiss as a couple. It was powerful and sweet at the same time. We clicked together like we were meant to be together. It felt right to be here with him , on the balcony, under the stars. I love him, he loves me. What more could I ask for? 


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