This story mostly focuses on Nelli (34) and her crazy upside down life with her four daughters Toni (17), Kourtney (13), Bridget (8) and Daniellea (4). Nelli has been in and out of relationships with guys and only one of them she ever really loved and that was Bridget's father Anthony. Now that her children getting older and she's single been for 4 years Nelli thinks that now is her time to put herself first and find a man who can take care of her and her four daughters. As you read this short novel/story you will see how Nelli has been through the univereses worst and best guys. You'll also see how her daughters personalities are impacted by their concieving ways. I hope this makes you laugh,smile and even shed one little tear. ENJOY!!!


1. Toni's Story

 "Mom"! That's what I hear every single day. You know I didn't think us girls had so many problems when I was a kid. Obviously I never raised any children when I was just a sophmore in highschool but I thought hey how hard could it be to raise a child. Well I said that a little bit before I decided to have unprotected sex at 17 with who I assumed was the love of my life...I was wrong. Let's just say that he hit it thought he was gonna quit it;I got pregant and he left me. Last part didn't really rhyme but you get what I'm trying to say. When I told my parents they kicked me out at first but then my mom felt super guilty and let me back in the house. So after that I rekindle my relationship with Vincet (boy who knocked me up)and I had my beautiful baby girl Toni. For a while my life was perfect. I went back to school while my mother watched Toni and Vincet proposed to me and we were engaged,I was basically getting my fairy tale ending early.Well that's what I thought. A year after I had Toni and I just graduated from highschool my mother was diagnosed with lukemia and was forced to live in the hospital and was sentenced to bed rest. Me and Vincet had to drop out of school find jobs and take care of our daughter on our own. That was the end of my fairy tale. Shortly after my mother passed, me and Vincet called off the engagment and he left me and I was forced to raise my 2 year old daughter on my own at the age of nineteen and trust me it was no cupcake,but now Toni is seventeen and all grown up. So that's the story of my life as a teenage mother. The End! Sike there's still more to this chapter that you readers might want to know,maybe you would like to know how my beautiful thirteen year old came to be.



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