This story mostly focuses on Nelli (34) and her crazy upside down life with her four daughters Toni (17), Kourtney (13), Bridget (8) and Daniellea (4). Nelli has been in and out of relationships with guys and only one of them she ever really loved and that was Bridget's father Anthony. Now that her children getting older and she's single been for 4 years Nelli thinks that now is her time to put herself first and find a man who can take care of her and her four daughters. As you read this short novel/story you will see how Nelli has been through the univereses worst and best guys. You'll also see how her daughters personalities are impacted by their concieving ways. I hope this makes you laugh,smile and even shed one little tear. ENJOY!!!


2. Kourtney's Story

It was the fall of 2001 and  Toni had just started school. She had the most good looking guy I seen in a long time as her teacher. I was twenty one at the time and I was looking to have some fun with a guy and have  no strings attached. I knew that would be the case with this guy because he was married with two kids who were in the same class as Toni. Now don't judge me I was young and dumb and at first he didn't even want me, and I was about to soon give up on chasing after him...until it happened. I was picking up Toni from school and I was running a little late because I had to take in some extra hours at the hospital. So basically everybody was gone and he and his kids were about to leave when I came to pick Toni up. As I was gathering Toni's things when Donoald (hot teacher’s name) asked me if I needed any extra money and would consider to clean his house and make dinner for him and his kids while his wife was out of town. Now at first I was a little skeptical of the idea because I was trying to get over my school girl crush on him. But obviously now I have a four year old daughter to take care of and the lowest paying job ever. I needed all the money I could get. So I accepted not even thinking of what will happen when I'm alone in this huge house with this smokin hot guy. So anyway I was working there for almost a week and I wasn't tempted to grab that man and kiss all over him not once. His wife was only out of town for a week and I was getting seriously paid for sweeping a bunch of dust bunnies and heating up some tv dinners. It was at the final day of my house keeping service and I was packing up my daughter and I for the night so we could go back to our one bedroom apartment on the wrong side of town when Donoald called me into his office for my final pay. As I walked in the office in the first thing on my mind was money. I wasn't prepared for what my eyes were about to see. There he stood Donoald Hungries standing at a statured 6'5, 165 pound, dark brown hair, crystal blue eyes and to top it off with a body of Tom Cruise in the 90s. I guessed he must have left his shirt in the office or had forgot he called me up, but right there I really didn't care all I wanted to do was him..and I did. I pounced on him like there was no tomorrow. I started kissing his neck, his lips every visual part of his body. At first he threw me off him and then he looked into my eyes and he knew that he wanted this as much as I did. So we did and I got paid a little extra for it and it was just what I wanted. Something spontaneous and not awkward at all and it wasn't..for about a week. It became awkward when I missed my period and went to the doctor's and "Congratulations!" Came out of his mouth and mines dropped. After I told Donoald he said that I had to get an abortion and that he wasn't going to leave his wife to take care of me and this baby. You wanna know what I told him,to go to hell and that if he didn't want me to tell his wife and take him to court. Then he would find a way to take care of me and this baby one way or another.A few hours later he called me up to meet him at the nearest bank and there he signed over his whole entire trust fund account to me with a quarter million dollars. I had hit the jackpot I moved my family to a surburban county in Conneticut and changed Toni's school. Then on June 17th 2002 I had another beautiful girl named Kourtney. As for Donoald I called him and told him when I went into labor...he didn't show. I didn't care. But eventually his wife found out about him signing over the trust account to me and wanted a serious explanation. He was all like "Honey did I forget to tell you I cheated on you and got some twenty one year old pregnant...but hey". She divorced him;took the rest of his money and the kids. And you know what he did he came knocking on my door asking to be in my daughter's life and you know what I said, "Go to Hell!" that's what I said. I never saw him again after that,but hey I was taking care of two kids with his money and I was okay with that. So that's how Kourtney came into this beautiful world with the worst father.

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