This story mostly focuses on Nelli (34) and her crazy upside down life with her four daughters Toni (17), Kourtney (13), Bridget (8) and Daniellea (4). Nelli has been in and out of relationships with guys and only one of them she ever really loved and that was Bridget's father Anthony. Now that her children getting older and she's single been for 4 years Nelli thinks that now is her time to put herself first and find a man who can take care of her and her four daughters. As you read this short novel/story you will see how Nelli has been through the univereses worst and best guys. You'll also see how her daughters personalities are impacted by their concieving ways. I hope this makes you laugh,smile and even shed one little tear. ENJOY!!!


3. Bridget's Story

  My next daughter is my vibrant and mature eight year old Bridget. Bridget's dad was the ultimate love of my life. I never loved a man as much as I loved Anthony. I met Anthony when I was working as a bartender at a local restaraunt bar and it was just a normal Wednesday night in the year 2004 when this average looking guy walked into the bar. At first all he was to me was a normal costumer who wanted to get drunk and wanted to tell me about his crappy life story when he and I both knew I really could care less. But hey  if he was tippin I was listening. After he took a few dozen shots he started to tell me how his girlfriend for two years cheated on him five times with five different guys and stole almost every single dime out of his trust fund account. How he had no place to go, no money and that all his family lived in a small town in texas and that was the last place he wanted to go. I couldn't help feel sorry for the guy so I bought him a couple of drinks and listened to his story. But the different part about this conversation was I was actually caring. Even though he's talking to me about this girl who he is apparently in love with I couldn't stop thinking what the hell was wrong with this girl. Anthony was a descent looking guy,wealthy,nice and probably one of the first person I knew that could hold his liqur down really well. Anyway it was getting later and later and the bar was about to close and this guy was seriously waisted. So I packed up my locker and drove this guy to the nearest motel and paid for a week there so he'll have some where to live until he gets back on his feet. The next morning I woke up took the kids to school and headed back to work at the bar. It started off a normal day it was karaoke night so the place was pretty packed but nothing I couldn't handle, nothing unexpected except for one thing. In walks in the average guy from last night,Anthony. He catches my eye as soon as he walks through the door. All I could give him was a simple smirk face, I mean what else. He walked over to me and I could tell he hadn't woke up until two hours ago because he still smelled like boose and sweat. He started laughing and said stuff like how he couldn't remember anything that happened last night and how he woke up this morning happy and mad at the same time. As he went rambling on and on about how he's gonna give me back every cent what ever it takes. I couldn't help but notice this one little bugger at the corner of his eye. For some odd reason it was bugging the hell out of me. After about 10 minutes of him rambling on and on about everything, I finally blurted what's been on my mind for the past 20 minutes. "Yo dude you have a huge eye bugger in your eye and it's bugging the hell out of me!" At first he looked at me like he had just seen a ghost, like oh no she did not point out an eye bugger when i'm giving her the world's longest thank you. For a couple of seconds we didn't say anything but then he did something that I believe that made me fall in love with him to the extreme. He reached for a napkin and put it to his eye and looked me right in my eyes and said "Did I get it?" I shooked my head yeah and then we both started laughing. It was the perfect moment and then his phone ranged and it was his ex Natalia the one who left him and stole all his money. He left the bar for a couple of minutes and then came back to sit down. The look on his face was unbearable. It looked like he had just lost his puppy. I asked what's wrong and he said I just ended things for good with my ex and told her to keep the money and that I never wanna see her face ever again. I offered to buy him a drink to make him feel better but he said he had to go and clear all the bags out of his house while she was gone. As he was walking out something was telling me even though this guy just got out a very serious relationship and probably is looking for the next rebound chick ask him out. So I listened to that voice and at an impulse I said "Hey you wanna go out on Friday!" At first he looked at me with the complete look of confused but then he smiled and said " Yeah why not...you know where I live." Than he walked out the bar. Our first date was probably one of the most best night of my life...you know besides the birth of my daughters. We did absolutely nothing but hang on our first date, we ate popcorn and watch old episodes of law and order:svu. It was perfect. We talked about everything life,dreams,goals and family. Even though we were having the best time I couldn't help but get a little nervous. I still had two girls waiting back home for me and he still didn't know nothing about it. I was trying to decide weather to tell him now and if he's not okay with it I would've only wasted a couple hours of my life. That was the motherly part of me. But the selfish part of me thought why not wait. Have some fun with this guy you deserve a little fun after raising two kids on your own is very difficult. But I listened to the motherly part of me and just said "I have two kids". His eyes got extremely wide and I had a feeling he was not okay with it all. After about 2 1/2 minutes of complete silence, I just got up and walked away. But then he stopped me and said the most shocking thing I ever heard in my life. "When do I meet them". My face brightened and I said "Whenever you're comfortable". My life was kind of perfect again a couple weeks later my daughters met him for the first time and the fell in love with him instantly, just like I did. Now we weren't the wealthiest family all the money Kourtney's father had been set into their college funds but we were happy. Even a few months later Anthony proposed to me and we were engaged to be married. Now if you're wondering how things went wrong, you don't have to wonder anymore.My dad had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and at the time I thought it would be a good idea for him to live with us so I can watch his eating and make sure he took his insolent. I never thought i a million years that life would become such more stressful and it would take an emotional toll on my relationship. It's been about 2 months since my dad has been living with us and things were terrible. My youngest daughter was just starting school, my dad was sick, my relationship was going to shit and I was depress eating a lot. It was a Friday afternoon when my heart was completely broken. I was picking up my daughters from school ad was about to drop them off at the babysitter's when I remembered I forgot my work I.D. home. When I walked through my bedroom door I was not prepared for what I was about to see. There he was the man who was supposed to be there and protect me and to be rock was in my bed having sex with his ex girlfriend. At first I thought it was a dream no a nightmare how could the man I love do this to me. I remember throwing stuff, cursing, yelling, my daughters crying and just pain all through out. He tried to give some half ass reason why he cheated on me and I did not want to hear it at all, at the time I just wanted him out my bed, out my house and out of my life. A few days later I met up with Anthony and he told me how he felt alone and that it was the biggest mistake of his life and that he wanted me back. But I couldn't take him back, he betrayed me in the worse possible way. So he left and soon after I found out that I wasn't just depress eating I was eating for two. I didn't tell him about the pregnancy and till this day he doesn't know he has child. Part of me feels selfish for not telling him but I just can't bring myself to even speak to Anthony again. I think I saw him one time after everything at a bar he called me over to him but I ignored him and left. So that's how my daughter Bridget came into this world and how I never loved a man ever again. BUMMER!!! Next is my final daughter Daniella who's story is a little bit exotic and interesting.

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