This is My Life. Why do I hate it?

Just a girl with a hard life really.


3. What Just Happened?


               I got in my room thinking about everything even the kiss. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was scared I was starting to have feeling for Andrew. I didn't want to because every time I get close to someone something happens. Like with Justin. I mean come on we was closer then me and Destery. There was Jessica me and her use to be best friend's until she slept with Alex and after that she started sleeping with a lot of guys. There was Alex I dated him and I was happy and then he slept with Jessica. I don't wanna get close to anyone I thought. I was deep in thought when I heard a knock on my door. "It's open!" I yelled. I looked to see who was coming in. "What do you want Andrew?" I asked annoyed. I getting tired of him. Why is he even still here? I thought. "I came to see if you would give me a ride home?" He asked. I nodded and got up and walked in the living room and put my shoes on and my jacket and graded my keys. I walked out the door and to my car and waited for him. As I was waiting I was listening to music and dancing I was still dancing when I saw him walk out and Destery is with him.

            I was still dancing when they got to the car I didn't care. I was listening to "Asking Alexandria" I loved them. They open the door and heard the screaming and looked at me funny. "Destery you should be use to seeing my dance and listening to this" I said once the song ended. "I know but it's still funny." He said as he got in the back. Great Andrewwill sit in the front I thought. He did what I thought. "It was cute." He said winking at me. "And let me guess you seen better too?" I asked. "Yeah, I have now let's go. I'm going to tell you where to go." He said looking at Destery. They are up to something or know something I don't and this can't be good I thought.

          I followed all the things he told me and it turns out we are at a party now. "I'm not staying something bad always happens at party to me." I said not getting out of the car. Destery got out and came on my side of the car opened the door and picked me up and put me over his shoulder "Put me down!" I yelled and punched. "No I don't think I will." Destery said and had a little pain in his voice. "Put me down or I will bite!" I yelled and he thought about it. I bite hard and he hates being bit by me. "Fine but you can't run to the car." He said putting me down. As soon as he did I hit him in the arm and run to my car. "Ashley!" Destery yelled. I just kept running intill I got in my car. I was about to start it when Destery opened the door again. "Your coming if you like it or not." He said. I thought it was funny because he was the one always telling me not to go to parties. I could tell something bad was going to happen. "Fine, I'll go." I said getting out of the car and walking to the front door. I was walking when I saw Alex. "ALEX!" I yelled and he looked over at me and smiled. I ran over to him. This is the first time I have seen him since I got out of the hospital. I ran to him and gave him a hug because he had his arms open. "I missed you so much." I said kissing his check. "Ha. Ash, I missed you too." He said. I looked around looking for his girlfriend that hated me. "We broke up." He said reading my mind. I like Alex a little for when we hung out and we kinda made out a lot when we were high. I see Andrew looking at us. Truth is I starting to get annoyed of him so I looked back at Alex. "Oh, really whys that?" I said a little flirty. I could tell he got how I was putting it. "Because I had another girl in mind." He said getting closer to me. I was still in his arms. "Oh, she's lucky to be on your mind." I said flirty and getting closer to him. "She is very lucky. She could of died two months ago." He said referring to me getting hit by a car. I smiled and looked at his lips and like he read my mind he kissed me. I kissed back. "Um, Ashley?" I heard behind me. Alex pulled away and looks at who it was. "What do you want? I was having fun kissing the most beautiful girl in the world." Alex said and I blushed barring my head in his chest. "I wanted to know why you were kissing my girlfriend." Andrew said. Alex pulled away from me and looked at me. "You are dating someone?" Alex asked. "No, I'm not. I don't date. You out of everyone should know that." I said. Alex looked at me "This is true. So, you're not her boyfriend." He said. Andrew looked a little hurt. "Yeah because the only person she will date is dead." Andrew said kinda mean. I started crying "You are a jerk I knew I shouldn't have told you anything. I hate you." I said running. "ASHLEY!" They both yelled and I kept running intill I ran into someone. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I said standing up. I started laugh when I notice who it was. "Ashley, why did you run into me?" Destery asked standing up too. "I was running from Andrew." I said as a tear want down my check. "Why? What happened?" He asked hugging me. "You know I don't date. I said that because he said I was his girlfriend when I kissed Alex then he said yeah the only person I would date is dead." I said crying more into his chest. I could tell he got a little mad then Alex came over to me with a little blood on him. I ran to him. "What happened?" I asked not really looking at him. "That kid that said he was your boyfriend hit me after you ran and we called your name." Alexsaid meanly. "Why he do that?" Destery asked. "How bad does he look?" I asked at the same time Destery asked. I asked him that because I know he Alex fights I have seen it. "He said for kissing Ashley. Ha. Ashley his out cold and people had to try and pull me off of him. Only if you were there to say Alex stop I want a kiss." He said. See every time he gets in a fight I say that and he stops and walks over to me and starts kissing me. And when I mean he starts to kiss me I mean he grads my head and kiss hard because his still mad. When that happens a lot of girls get mad and call me names and guys say dang I wish she would do that for me. "Ashleyyou know you seem like a whore." Destery said with a laugh. "Hey, if you remember I have only kissed maybe two guys in my whole life and that is Alex and Justin." I said remembering the time me and Justin had kissed.

             Me and Justin was at a party and they was playing that game seven minutes in haven and the girls had to pick and I just happen to pick Justin. We want in the closet I was on his back. When the door closed we talked for about two minutes when I got the idea to act like we were doing it and he agreed. When time was up I did my hair wild and he did the same and when we walked at someone had said we didn't do anything and we didn't even kiss. I grad Justin and kissed him hard because I was kinda mad at the kid but I liked the kiss.

             I smile. "Oh really only two people what about us I mean you did kiss back or was I just thinking you did." Andrew said scaring me. "Andrew yeah you kissed me. Yeah, I kissed back because I didn't want to hurt you." I said lying. He walked over to me and grabbed me and kissed me and me being me I kissed back. I was scared because I think I was falling for Andrew I think that is the only reason I kissed back because if it wasn't him I might have hit them but it was Andrew. "Dang Ashley." Andrew said as I pulled away. I looked down and was blushing. He put his under my chine and lifted my head to look at him. "Okay, that's enough." Alex said grabbing my arm. I looked at Andrew and waved bye to him. I looked at Alex. "Are you still mad?" I asked him and he just grabbed me and kissed me. I think I get kissed too much but I don't care. I kissed back.

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