This is My Life. Why do I hate it?

Just a girl with a hard life really.


2. New People. More Drama.


So, I told him my life story and he just listened as I want on and on. When I was done I just looked at him to see what he would do or say. “You had a fun life and then it gets sad. I’m so sorry for your lost of Justin. So, I guess there will be on chance of you falling for me.” He said. I just blushed “I don’t know you that will I need a life story if you want a chance from me.” “Oh, I see. There’s not that much. When I was about four or five my dad died, when I was 13 my mom was a druggy, and now that I’m 17 I moved here and got me a house.” Andrew said. I felt bad for him his life was crappy and now he most likely wants to change it to good. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I said hugging him. “Don’t feel bad if I never moved I would never have found you.” He said with a smile I just blushed.

            “I guess it’s time to get back to school. I have to get a ride from Des.” I said looking at my phone to see that it is 3:45. “Why don’t you just walk from here you said you don’t live far from here?” Andrew said. “I don’t’ walk anywhere no more.” I said looking away and started walking back to school. “But you walked to the park with someone you don’t know and for all you know I could have been the guy that killed your friend.” Andrew said scaring me. I got scared I ran to the slide. When I got to the slide I looked around and I saw something that I and Justin wrote. It said A+J=BFF and a heart around it. I started to cry and then I saw Andrew coming so I just stayed where I was.

            “Ashley, I don’t mean to make you cry I’m sorry.” Andrew said thinking he made me cry.  “You didn’t make me cry it’s just what I saw. See this right here.” I said pointing to the picture. “Oh, it seemed like he really was a good friend.” Andrew said. “He was. He was my best friend I miss him so much. I cry every night it seems like.” I said. I’m telling the truth I just want to see him one time there’s nothing new there. “You don’t need to cry. Your to pretty to cry.” Andrew said making me blush. “Ha. Andrew we need to get back to school.” I said that right as my phone want off. “Hello?” I asked answering the phone “AshleyTaylor! Where are you?” Destery said more liked yelled in the phone. “Oww! Destery, save an ear next time.” I said in the phone looking over at Andrew. Andrew was laughing. “Ashley where are you?” Destery said more quit. “I’m at the park across the school I was just about to go back over there before you call.” I said hanging up on him. He is going to be mad when he sees me. I get up and walk to school Andrew following close behind me most likely looking at my butt. “So, Andrew like what you see?” I asked refraining to my butt. “Hun, you have a nice butt but I have seen a lot better.” He said laughing I just rolled my eyes.

            When we got to the school I walked to my car and see a mad looking Destery. “AshleyTaylor your going to be in so much trouble when we get home the school already called the house and said you  beat some girl p and you left school.” Destery said I laughed “It’s no laughing matter. Today was your first day at school and you already got in trouble.” He said looking at Andrew. “Destery!” We heard someone yell his name and we all looked at where it was coming from. I groaned when I saw it was Jessica. “What do you want?” I asked not caring at all. “Oh, hey Ashley. Are you okay? I just wanted to ask your brother something silly.” She said. I laughed “Girl who you trying to ked? You don’t like me and I don’t like you. And leave my brother ALONE!” I said make alone loud so everyone could here. She rolled her eyes I just wanted to hit her and see if her eyes would say like that. “Oh, I’m hurt Ashley. I thought we were friends.” She said acting hurt and she is bad at acting I might say. “Ha. You are one of the worse actresses I have ever seen. Ha. Like I would be friends with you.” I said opening my car door. “Bitch.” She said low but I could hear it and so could a lot of people. “Ashley stay clam.” Destery said grading my arm. I looked at her “What did you just call me?” I asked with venom dripping with every word. She looked scared so did everyone else but I didn’t care about everyone else just her. “I said bitch.” She said with a smile on her face because she didn’t think I could get out of Destery’s grip. I got out of his grip and she looked like she was about to crap her pants but Andrew graded me and I tried to get out of his grip. I could get out of it. “Let me go!” I said with more venom in my voice. “No, I’m going to put you in your car and close the door and stand in from of it so you can’t get out.” He said picking me up and putting me in the car and doing what he said he would do. Destery got on the other side. I got an idea. I move the back set down to get in the trunk and when I did I opened it and got out and want after Jessica. “Whoa wait how did you get out?” Andrew yelled coming after me. I got to her before he could get to me and I punched her and she fell and screamed I got over her and keep hitting her intill I was pulled off of her. “Don’t ever call me a bitch again because next time Andrew won’t be here to stop me no one will.” I said walking away after I kicked her. I got to my car and closed the trunk and went and got in. Destery and Andrew got in. “What are you doing?” I asked Andrew. “Des invited me over.” He said smiling.

            We got to the house and I waked to my room I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I got bored so I did some make-up work. When I was done I walked in the kitchen and saw Andrew and Destery talking and they both looked at me when I got a monster out. “What do you guys want?” I asked annoyed “Ashley where did you get that?” Destery asked. I laughed. “Umm, Des you just saw me get it out of the refrigerate.” I said rolling my eyes. “There wasn’t one in there when I looked and I just looked.” He said dumbfounded. “I guess you didn’t look good enough.” I said walking back to my room. I got to my room and got on Facebook. I longed on and saw there was a video of me and Justin and saw who it was made by it was his little sister. I watched it. I smiled when I saw every picture of us and at the end it was a picture of her now and it said “Ashley I think about you and Justin every day. I miss you <3” I commented on it saying I missed her too and I thought about them. I hear a knock on my door I got up and opened it to see Andrew and he hugged me and I pulled away. “Its okay you don’t have to cry.” He said. I guess I was crying and I didn’t know it. I had my Ipod playing the whole time. I notice the song that was playing and I started to think of the song because it was mine and Justin’s.

            I was at Justin’s house in the living room he had to go to the bathroom and when he came out he was dancing all around and singing. I was laughing and asked what he was singing and he yelled “She said he so sweet I wanna lick the wrapper and she licked me like a lollipop like a lollipop. By Framing Hanley because I knew he wouldn’t sing it by Lil Wayne. I got up and started singing it with him and dancing with him and when we stopped. “Ha. Justin and Ashley wow.” His little sister said. We just looked at her and at the same time said that was our song.

            I laughed “You can let me go now Andrew.” I said walking back to my computer. I saw that Justin’s little sister commented back say they were moving back. I screamed and everyone came running in my room. “What’s wrong Ashley?” Everyone asked at the same time. “They are moving back.” I said smiling and crying of joy. Nothing could ruin this moment. Des, my mom, and dad looked at me. “Who are they?” Andrew asked. I looked at him “Justin’s family.” I said smiling. I got up and walked out of my room and out the door. I walked all the way to mine and Justin’s spot and sat by the water smiling I couldn’t be happier. “Justin, I love you and your family is moving back only if you were still here.” I said low. “People are going to think you are crazy if you keep talking to yourself love.” I knew that voice. I smiled and looked around intill I saw him. “But maybe I wanna talk to you and I don’t care if people think I’m crazy.” I said back at him and want over to him. “Oh, Ashley you don’t know how bad I want to be there and hold you.” He said I smile. “Justin, you don’t know how bad I wish you were here.” I said and hugged him. I pulled away “I have to go love.” He said and walked away.

            I was walking home. “Oh look it’s the bitch.” I turned and looked at Jessica. “Oh, someone has the balls to say that after what happen today and no one is around.” I said walking over to her. She looked scared. “I’m not scared of you.” She said looking more scared as I got closer. “You are the worse actress ever. I know you’re scared.” I said as I hit her and she dropped. I started to walk away when she graded my foot and pulled I kicked her and she let go. “I wouldn’t do that again if I was you.” I said walking away. She got up and graded me and when I turned around she hit me in the nose and I blacked out and when I came back she was on the ground so I just walked home with my nose still bleeding.

            When I walked in the house everyone looked at me and my mom gasped. “What happened?” Destery asked. “Jessica.” I said with so much venom in my voice my mom jumped. “What do you mean Jessica?” My dad asked. “I was walking home and she called me a bitch and I laughed and said what did I say earlier and she hit me.” I said. “Ashley watch your mouth.” My mom said. “Sorry.” I said. I walked to the bathroom to clean up my nose and while I was doing that Andrew came to me. “Where did you go?” He asked. “No where don’t worry about it.” I said. He came in the bathroom and shut the door and walked over to me. “Here let me” He said making me sit on the sink. “Why did you close…? I did get to finish what I was going to ask because he kissed me. I was shocked but I kissed back. He put his arms around my waist and I put my hand around his neck and pulled him in closer. I heard a knock and I jumped and pulled away and opened the door to see Destery. “Why was the door closed with him in here?” He asked giving Andrew a mean look. “The door was in the way and he was helping clean my nose up so he closed it for more room.” I lied good thing I’m good at lying because he bought it and walked away. “Dang you’re a good liar.” Andrew said. “Trust me I know it comes in handy a lot.” I said walking out and into my room. 

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