The Thing About Love ((1D))

Madison, 16 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, one day she decided to go to audition for x-Factor. She's a great singer, but she don't know if she's good enough. When the day is coming, that day she's going to audition.. She's really scared, and don't know if she want to do it. When its her turn to sing for the judges, she's afraid..

do the judges say yes to her?
will she meet her idols?

Find out!:)

Watch Trailer :) x


3. The decision..

Madison's POV


The terrible thing about the x-factor is that at first, you are nervous as hell to go to you're audition. Then when you get through, there's only more terror to come. Bootcamp. Im in that stage right now. And I could literally break down and cry of fear right now. Me and the other girls are waiting for the judges to make their decision.. After about 10 minutes, the judges came out.. We looked at each other, and then at the judges.. I looked at Louis, he was about to say something..

'So.. We made our decision.. And the first girl we want to see at the judges house is..'

I looked at the other girls, they were scared.. What if he doesn't say my name? Then i have to go home..

'Bell!' Tulisa said.

I looked at a red-haired girl who was screaming and jumping. I couldn't stop laughing, she looked cute when she's happy.

'And the next girl is.. Tracy!'

Another girl was screaming. I wish it was me! I started to shiver, oh god..

'Ella, Claire, Aubrey and Hailey!'

I looked at the girls.. They were crying, so sweet.. Theres only 2 spots back, i hope i was one of them.. But i didn't had a chance, all the other girl were better than me.. And im the youngest girl in this group, the others were like 18-25.. Then theres me, at the age 16...

'And we would like to see Melissa!'

Melissa is the only girl who actually talked to me, and they called her name.. Lucky her!

'Thank you very much!' She said to the judges..

'Madison, you have to get the last spot..' She whispered in my ear, and left the room.

'And the last girl... Is..'

i was terrified. This was it.. I had come so far, and then again, I hadn't. I sighed and looked at the ceiling. I had to go home and tell everyone I wasn't good enough.. I was never good enough. Not good enough. That was all I could think of. I'm not good enough. Im not even good enough to do what I love, and what I thought I was good at. But I'm not. Because I am not good enough. I could feel the tears stream down my face as I looked at my feet. I'm not good enough.. Never good enough.

'Madison Rose Daniels!' Louis said

When i heard my name, i literally just froze.. I couldn't move at all.. After a few minutes, i came back to reality..

'Thank you so much!' I said, and smiled to them.

I walked out of the room, and saw Melissa standing in the corner. She turned around, and started to scream. She ran over to me, and gave me a big hug.

'I knew it! I just knew it!' She screamed.



Soooo... I'm sorry if this chapter isn't that long! I make it long next time, i promise!:) I hope you like the Fanfiction. its my first time, that we are two persons who makes this.. So i have to get used to it, hahah! At least its Easy, because Laerke is my bestfriend.. So we help each other. Well Just want you to know that!


Bye bye x

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