The Thing About Love ((1D))

Madison, 16 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, one day she decided to go to audition for x-Factor. She's a great singer, but she don't know if she's good enough. When the day is coming, that day she's going to audition.. She's really scared, and don't know if she want to do it. When its her turn to sing for the judges, she's afraid..

do the judges say yes to her?
will she meet her idols?

Find out!:)

Watch Trailer :) x


12. 'New opportunities.'

Madisons POV

"I'm sorry what?" i said and blinked. 

Did he just say what i think he said? What the hell! I thought he said that we could just be friends. 

"You heard me..." he mumbled and looked at the ground.

Oh god, i really hoped this wouldn't happen. 

"Listen, i don't feel that way about you, okay? Im so sorry George." i said and placed my hand on his shoulder. 

He looked up at me, as tears started streaming down his cheeks, which just broke my heart. I threw my arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer. His arms instantly wrapped around my waist, and he cried into the crook of my shoulder. 

"Im so sorry, Georgie. Im so terribly sorry." I said stroking the hair in his neck. 

He pulled away and smiled lightly before walking away. I sighed loudly and leaned against the wall, sliding down to the floor and burying my face in my hands starting to cry. I felt so hopeless. I just lost the x-factor. I lost a friend. I have to go back home to my foster parents, and start school again. I shivered just at the thought of school. All the, names. Those terrible terrible names. Suddenly two strong arms were wrapped around me, and i leaned into the strangers chest. But as soon as his cologne reached my nose, i instantly knew who it was. Harry. I opened my eyes slightly to look at him. He looked terribly sad, which was probably my fault. When he saw that i had opened my eyes, he smiled at me, but it was such a fake smile. I just sighed and sat up. His hands still lingered at my waist when we stood up, and walked down the stairs. Suddenly i could feel his curls brush against my cheek and his breath against my ear, making my shiver. 

"Me and the boys would like to talk to you." he said and smirked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, but let him lead me out into the garden where i saw 5 silhouettes in the distance. Wait, 5? Shouldn't there only be 4? As we got closer i finally recognized the fifth silhouette! Simon Cowell! What was he doing here though?   

"Aah! The famous Madison Rose Daniels. These boys won't stop talking about you!" 

I blushed a little, which made him chuckle. 

"You are an amazing singer, and that's why i wanted to give you an opportunity!" 

I scrunched my eyes together a little while tilting my head. What was he talking about?

"Would you consider being the boys' new, opening act?"


A/N: Hiiiii! I'm so sorry that i haven't updated.. Blah. I have been terribly busy with school this week.): But here it is! It's short i know, but im not really in a very updatingy mood.. If that's even a word. It's probably not. Oh well! Thank you so much. And sorry again!

~Stay Beautiful~

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