The Thing About Love ((1D))

Madison, 16 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, one day she decided to go to audition for x-Factor. She's a great singer, but she don't know if she's good enough. When the day is coming, that day she's going to audition.. She's really scared, and don't know if she want to do it. When its her turn to sing for the judges, she's afraid..

do the judges say yes to her?
will she meet her idols?

Find out!:)

Watch Trailer :) x


16. Freaking twilight.

Madisons POV


I was just laying in bed when i started thinking. Thinking about what had happened. I mean it's not like we hadn't done it before, and he used protection.. Right? Then why do i have this feeling that something is gonna happen. Something bad. Well i think i knew. He practically raped me, i said no. I said no at least a hundred times but he still wouldn't stop touching me. I shivered and pulled the covers over my chest. I could see Harry turning his head to look at me, out of the corner of my eye. Harry. Harry is wonderful, one of the most amazing and caring boys i have ever met. But am i really over George? I groaned slightly. God i feel like i'm in a bloody twilight movie! It's like Harry's my Edward,  George is my Jacob and i'm Bella. And i don't even like Bella! I rubbed my eyes tiredly and turned my back to Harry. I wasn't mad at him, i just couldn't bear to look at him right now. I could feel the mattress sink a little beside me, and moments after i felt a strong arm snake around my waist. I turned around and looked directly into Harrys' emerald green orbs. God he was gorgeous. I placed my ear to his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso. Both his arms were now wrapped tightly  around my waist, and he pulled me closer so that our bodies were pushed against one another. 

"What happened today?" he asked and leaned in so that his nose was touching mine. 

I mentally gulped and sighed. 

"I was just down at tesco." i said and faked a smile, but he could see right through it. 

"I know that's not true. I could see that you had been crying when you knocked the door. And you can't spend two and a half hours at tesco." he said and furrowed his eyebrows. 

I sighed and moved even closer, tangling my legs with his. His eyes got glassy and i could feel his whole body tensing, which made me smirk a little knowing that i did this. I lightly brushed my lips against his a couple of time, teasing him. 

"Tease." he growled and pulled me even closer, so that i was now almost on top of him. 

I chuckled but got cut off by his lips who hungrily smashed against mine. I smiled into the kiss and kissed equally as hungrily back. He then started to slow down and the kiss got sweeter and softer. I did the same thing and tangled my hands in his soft curls. He then pulled away and placed small kisses all over my face. 

"You're so beautiful." he whispered into my neck. 

I blushed and buried my face in his neck and kissed it softly. He chuckled and played with the ends of my hair, as i fell asleep. 


I woke up by the sound of my alarm. Luckily harry didn't get up. I sleepily grabbed my phone and looked at the display. Hm, a tweet. I opened it and then realized it was a tweet from UnionJs account. Apparently some big news will be put up in a couple minutes. I waited for a little while before i heard the same little 'ding' as before. I looked at the tweet and smiled uncontrollably. 

UnionJworld: Also....wanted to say how proud we are of our brother Jaymi coming out and being so proud of his sexuality! We are SO proud. Josh, JJ, G x

I couldn't stop smiling as i scrolled through my contacts before finding Jaymis' number and calling him. 

"Hello?" He said after a couple of rings. 

"Jaymi! I'm so proud of you!" I exclaimed. 

He chuckled a little on the other side. 

"Thank you, Madi!" 

We small talked a little as i heard some door open and Georges voice. I smiled a little at the memory of him. We hadn't really talked since the party... 

"Hey Jay? Can i please talk to George for a minute." i asked. 

"Mhm! He'll be right there. Bye, sweetie." 

"Bye, hun." 

I could hear the phone being thrown on the bed and Jaymi calling for George who immediately stopped yelling. I then heard footsteps getting louder and louder and then somebody picking up the phone. 

"Hellooooo?" George chimed. 

I smiled at the sound of his voice. I really did miss him, but he doesn't really want to see me, i think. 

"Hey George! How are you?" I asked happily. 

"You know, i'm fine. Things are a bit busy... We have a meeting with One directions manager today actually! Gonna be exciting." 

I furrowed my eyebrows a little. 

"One direction? Why is that?" 

"I have no idea!" he laughed. 

I chuckled a little, and got comfortable on the bed again. I really missed George. The worst thing is that i don't know if i'm over him. For god sake! 

"Cool! Well i gotta go. See you!" I said. 

"Yeah sure. Bye." He said and hung up. 

I sighed and looked at Harry again. He was still sleeping like a baby. I quickly got out of bed and pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt, god i hate Sundays. Everything is so boring! My phone vibrated in my hand and i quickly looked at the display.

Paul: You and the boys have a meeting with UnionJ today. Be ready at 13:00 sharp.

Great. Just great! 


A/N: Hellllloooooo! I'm sorry. This is terrible i know, it's just a filler! Things are gonna happen in the next chapter :-P Anyway! Hope you liked it, baaaai! 

~Stay Beautiful~

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