The Thing About Love ((1D))

Madison, 16 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, one day she decided to go to audition for x-Factor. She's a great singer, but she don't know if she's good enough. When the day is coming, that day she's going to audition.. She's really scared, and don't know if she want to do it. When its her turn to sing for the judges, she's afraid..

do the judges say yes to her?
will she meet her idols?

Find out!:)

Watch Trailer :) x


11. Congrats

Madison's Pov


'"we're here" the driver said.
i looked at harry who patted my leg reasuringly. I then sighed and got out of the car. You could hear the music from inside, and i really felt like hopping into the cab and driving home. I could feel harrys' hand sneak around my waist. I suddenly felt more secure and home there, than i would anywhere else. In his arms. We walked up the little path up to the door, when it swung open revealing Josh standing there grinning like an idiot.  I smiled at him as i walked inside and looked around the house. There was a lot of people, to many actually.. I took a deep breathe, and sat down on a chair. I saw George, dancing with a blonde girl. Well its great to see that he's happy. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder, i turned around.

'Oh Hey Harry' i mumbled.

He sat down next to me, and smiled. Oh god, that smile. Stop Madison! Don't do this.

'So whats going on Madison?' He asked.

'Nothing really.. Just don't know what to do'

'No.. I mean whats going on with you and George?'

'Oh. Sorry. I broke up with him' i mumbled.

'Oh i see..'

I looked at him, and smiled. He understood me, i finally know someone who understands me. I saw Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam, they were staring at us. Creepy. Harry got up from the chair, and looked down at me.

'I need to do something, i'll come back.'

I nodded, and then smiled. I got up from the chair, and walked outside. I really needed some fresh air. I leaned up against the three, and looked on the water. I love the smell of fresh air. I was the only one outside. I sat down on the grass, og looked at the moon. Full moon.. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I always looked at the full moon with Matty, but now i can't. Suddenly someone sat down next to me, and smiled.

'Hey. Madison, right?' The guy ask.

'Thats me. And you are?'


I nodded, and looked at the water. I could see the boy was staring at me. Suddenly he leaned in to me, and kissed me on the cheek. What the hell is going on?

'What the heck are you doing!' I hissed, and got up from the grass.

He got up from the grass to, and pushed me against the three. I tried to push him away, but he held onto my waist. He slowly kissed my neck, and all the way up to my mouth.

'Please don't. Leave me alone' I screamed.

Suddenly i saw Harry standing behind me. He pulled away Matt, and slapped him in the face.

'Didn't you hear her?' He yelled.

Matt looked at me, and then ran inside. I sat down on the grass, and started to cry. I could feel some hands on my shoulder. I looked up at him. He held out his hand, and i grabbed it. He pulled me up, and hugged me. I cried into his chest.. He stroked my hair, and kissed me on my forehead. I wiped away the tears, and smiled to him.

'Look Madison.. There's something i want to do' he whispered in my ear.

'Then do it'

He smiled to me, and stroked my cheek. He pressed his lips against mine, and kissed me passionately. My heart started beating faster and faster.

George's Pov

I saw Matt running out of the front door. What the hell happened outside?

'I'll be back in a minute' i told the blonde girl.

She kissed me on the cheek, and walked over to her friend. I started to walk over to the door. I looked outside, and saw Harry and Madison. She was crying, whats going on? I took a step outside, but stopped. I saw Harry kissing her. I dropped my jacket, and got inside again. I ran upstairs, and locked the door to the bathroom. I heard someone knock on the door.

'Who is it?' i mumbled.

'Its us. JJ, Jaymi and Josh. Whats going on mate?'

I got up from the floor, and unlocked the door. They walked in, and stared at me. I looked up at them, and faked a smiled.

'Whats wrong George?' JJ asked.

'Nothing' i mumbled, and looked at the ground.

'Tell us'

'Fine.. Its just.. I love Madison, but she clearly doesn't love me. Because i saw Harry and her outside, and they..' I stopped, and started to cry.

'They what?' Josh asked worried.

'They kissed' i sobbed.

No one said anything for like 5 minutes. They were still staring at me. Suddenly they pulled me in for a long hug. I wiped away my tears, and unlocked the door. I opened the door, and saw Madison. She had mascara on her cheeks..

'H-Hey Madison' i mumbled.

'Hey George'

I walked out of the bathroom with the others. She stared at me. I looked at her, and sighed. She noticed it, and then walked over to me. The other boys walked downstairs again, so me and her could talk.



'Madison.. I.. Can't let you go'

'Why George? I mean, look at me.. Am i the one you really love? You know my name, but now my story. I just can't get a boyfriend. My life is a mess, and i can't let go of Matty. I'm sorry'

'You are the one i love. And i won't give up'



Yo. Lol im random, sorryy...


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