The Thing About Love ((1D))

Madison, 16 years old. She always wanted to be a singer, one day she decided to go to audition for x-Factor. She's a great singer, but she don't know if she's good enough. When the day is coming, that day she's going to audition.. She's really scared, and don't know if she want to do it. When its her turn to sing for the judges, she's afraid..

do the judges say yes to her?
will she meet her idols?

Find out!:)

Watch Trailer :) x


10. 'Bad things lead to good things..'

Madisons POV

I pulled away from George and smiled at him. God, he was so amazing! He really deserved the best of the best, and i'm not. That's why i had to do this, and of course because i don't really love him that way but still. I pecked his cheek as i went over to the boys who were standing and talking excitedly about the performance. 

"We did great!" Niall exclaimed and clapped his hands together. 

"Yeah i know, you guys were amazing!" i said and smiled broadly at them. 

Too bad it wasn't a real smile. And unfortunately Louis noticed. He squeezed his eyes a little and tilted his head. I just shook my head and smiled a little. He nodded firmly and turned his attention back at the boys. I was actually happy! I do love George and i really want him as a friend, and also the rest of Union J! But i guess everyone would be quite bummed after a breakup. I glanced over my shoulder at George who was fooling around with Josh and Jaymi. I smiled as i saw he was laughing and smiling, looking genuinely happy. He caught my glance and flashed me two thumbs up. I did the same thing and turned my head back to the boys.
About 10 minutes later we were all called back out on stage. Here it goes!

"First off, i would just like to say... Wow! You all did amazing." Tulisa exclaimed smiling. 

I intertwined my fingers with Harry on my right side and Zayn on my left. I looked up at them and they smiled reassuringly at me. 

"But we have made our decision." Louis said and looked at his papers, then up again "On 4th place, we have..." 

Everything went quiet. Even the audience!

"Mark!" The Tulisa said and looked at him.

Mark just smiled a little, thanked them and went off of the stage. I could finally  breathe out. At least i wasn't last!

"On 3rd place we have.." 

I looked up at Harry who just smiled and pecked my cheek, which made the crowd go wild and it took 2 full minutes to calm them down. The judges looked at us and grinned before Louis sucked in a breath. 

"Molly!" he said and smiled at her. 

She smiled and blew the crows a kiss as she walked off of the stage. 

"Could the two finalists please go to the center of the stage, and could their given celebrities go out to the side." Louis said while looking at his clipboard. 

I looked at the boys just as Louis snatched my microphone with a playful grin plastered on his face. 

"The 'given' celebrities? You make it sound like we're her bitches, Louis!" Louis said and gave me back my microphone. 

Louis' head snapped up and gave Louis a death glare. 

"Still haven't changed i see, huh? Language Louis!" he said coldly but i could clearly see that he was trying to stifle a grin. 

I moved over beside George, Josh, JJ and Jaymi as i was told and we all linked hands, looking at the ground. I would love to win! But if i didn't win, Union J should. Which was now the situation, so i couldn't be happier!

"The winner of the x-factor 2012 is.." Nicole said smiling. 

I looked at George who was about to bite his lip off. 

"Union J!" Louis said and the crowd went wild! 

My chest exploded in sadness and happiness at the same time. I jumped up and looked at the boys smiling broadly and clapping along with everyone else. Suddenly i got picked up, and almost crushed in a hug by 4 boys. I laughed and tried squirming away but they had surrounded me. 

"Guys. Air." i managed to croak out, and they let go of me. 

I kept clapping as i went over and stood beside Niall, who looked at me with his eyes filled with sadness. I just smiled at him and patted his shoulder. We went off of the stage and into the little lounge room backstage, where we all flopped down on the couches. 

"I am so sorry!" Louis suddenly exclaimed looking all serious, which did not happen very often. 

I furrowed my eyebrows and leaned forwards in the couch towards him. He sighed, leaned forward and rubbed his face tiredly with the palms of his hands. 

"I totally messed up my only solo note! And it was only one, i could've at least tried to get that single one right!" He exclaimed and looked at me looking extremely guilty. 

I widened my eyes, stood up, walked over to him and stopped in front of him crossing my arms in front of my chest and furrowing my eyebrows. He looked terrified and flinched when i threw my arms around him. I giggled a little at the thought, of him thinking i would punch him. At first his whole body was stiff but then i could feel his breath on my neck, as he let out a relieved sigh and wrapped his arms around my waist as i was sitting in his lap. Hah, not awkward at all. Guess i don't think things through. I pulled away and stood up squeezing his hand before taking my place beside Harry on the other couch. 

"Listen, you guys were amazing! If anyone screwed up it was me!" i said and smiled. 

They all opened their mouths to protest but i cut them off.

"-But! I think we all did great. So just give our selves a pat on the shoulder and move on, mkay?" i said and smiled. 

But then it hit me, and my smile faded as tears started forming in my eyes. I was gonna go back to my normal life. Go to live with my horrible foster parents. A memory of my foster dad, Felix, hitting my with a pan just because i had dropped the milk on the floor, popped into my head. I felt someones hand on my arm and i flinched. I almost hit the him if he hadn't stopped my arm from smacking against his chest. I looked up into a pair of gorgeous emerald green eyes. They looked quite surprised. 

"M-Madison? Are you okay?" Harry asked and looked at me worried. 

I breathed heavily and stood up, stumbling into the bathroom locking the door after me. Muffled voices was panicking from outside. I heard the door open and close, and then open and close again about five minutes later. My head was spinning like crazy. I don't wanna go back. I can't go back. A 16 year old girl is NOT supposed to live like that. Not with them. Not with him. The things he does. I could feel the food from earlier make it's way up my esophagus, so i hurried over to the toilet and threw up which just made my head spin even more. What the hell was wrong with me!? I finished and pulled myself up and stumbled over to the sink. I placed my hands towards the table and looked up to look at myself in the mirror. I looked terrible. My makeup was smeared all over my cheeks and my eyes we're red and puffy. I quickly drank some water and grabbed a mint that was in a little bowl next to the sink. I popped it into my mouth and sighed as the cold minty flavor spread in my mouth. I quickly wiped away my makeup as good as i now could with some water and wiped my face off. I then slid down on the floor and started crying. Loud. And of course the others heard. They started banging on the door like crazy. I finished crying and wiped my cheeks. I sucked in a sharp breath and pulled out my phone. I found the number i was looking for and quickly send a text. 

'i need someone. please get the others out. im so sorry.' 

I heard a little ding from outside and smiled when i heard people exiting the room, except for one person. 

"They're gone, love. Please let me in."

I sucked in another sharp breath and reached upwards to unlock the door. There was a click as the door unlocked, and in less than a second he was in here holding my against his chest, sighing in relief. 

"Oh god... Are you okay? What happened? Please tell me." He said and looked directly into my eyes. 

I looked at my hands then at him, then my hands, then at him and then i told him everything. About Matty and I. About the holiday. The crash. My foster parents, not telling him everything about them. Just that they don't treat me very well. When i was done small tears had formed in his eyes, and started rolling down his upper cheeks. I quickly wiped them away with my thumb before they could get any further, and smiled gently at him. 

"I still don't understand... You ran off, locked yourself in the bathroom, vomited, and cried for about 30 minutes. What did your foster parents do to you." He said and looked at me studying my face. 

I sighed and looked at my hands who were resting on his chest. 

"It's more like, what they didn't do." I whispered, and he could not have heard it if he wasn't so close to me as he was. 

His face scrunched up but he still looked confused. Disgusted by them (i think?), but confused. I sighed ones again and stared directly into his glassy emerald green eyes. 

"Let's just say i'm not a virgin anymore." 


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