Love is in Every Corner

One Direction Fan Fic! Read it because i dont feel like writing a summary!


3. Chapter 3: Surprises

Khat managed  to pull her self from the huge cushions and go to get the door after sitting her open laptop on the table. She opened it to find a very impatient Louis tapping his foot.  "How long do you think I've been standing here with them waiting for you to open the door." he jabbed his thumb at the other boys, all on their phones. Khat laughed at all of them, so different in their own ways. "You got any food?" Niall walked past her and into the kitchen area.  "Any good movies?" Liam and Zayn walked straight into the living room to the 70' inch TV. Liam screamed when he found Toy Story in a pile on the mahogany coffee table. Louis stood in the door way, looking at the ceiling.  "Are you going to invite me in?" Harry glanced up at the sassy Lou being well sassy. He laughed at walked in to hear Khat say a a quick "No!" Following a door shutting and curses coming from the other side of the door. Harry sat on the plump tan couch with Zayn, Liam, and Niall munching on animal crackers. Khat feeling bad let Louis in.  "Holy sh-" Liam shot him a look saying 'no bad language!' Pouting Lou stated in a matter-of-fact tone,  "Your room is much cooler than ours. It has so much more! Hey Niall was there any carrots in the fridge?" Niall mumbled something with food in his mouth. Somehow Louis understood him and declared he was going to the kitchen.

Khat could not believe One Direction was in her hotel room. She didn't mention she knew who they were but decided to toy with them a little. Grinning to her self about the plan.  "Hey Khat what's all that for?" Harry gestured at her laptop with her essay.  "Oh, that its an essay for one of my college classes." she tries to blow it off as nothing.  "You're in college? How old are you?" Harry burst out, curious.  "Rude." Zayn muttered not taking his eyes of the screen. Khat blushed, "Yes. Im 18 and have one year to go and I will graduate." Now all the boys were looking at her with jaws dropped to the floor. Khat could feel heat rising to her checks and neck. "I graduated from high school when I was 15 and went straight to college. Right now I'm at the top of my class at Harvard but I take online classes because I travel a lot." She let it sink in before adding, "Mainly because I already have a carer and my Mum is getting married." she turned her attention to her laptop and pulled it into her lap. Sending her essay in via email, she sat back a sighed. "Funny, our manager is getting remarried but we have never met the lady." Liam said started to put the pieces together. "What's your managers name?"  All the boys looked at her weird before answering at the same time, "Paul Higgins" she caught her breathe. "My mum is getting married to your manager." One thought passed through everyones heads, 'We get to see each other more often'

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