Love is in Every Corner

One Direction Fan Fic! Read it because i dont feel like writing a summary!


2. Chapter 2: Coffee

A loud sigh made people turn and look at Khat waiting for her Mum in Star-bucks. Red crept up her cheeks and she bowed her head down toward her iced coffee. The bell above the door jingled, signaling the coming of a customer. Hopeful, Khat looked up expecting her Mother but instead came in 5 boys. Might I add 5 gorgeous boys. Laughing and pushing each other, they stumbled up to the counter and ordered their drinks. As in sync all the boys turned around at on time and headed to the same table. Khat stuck in her muddled thought didn't recognize Harry. "Hey Khat!" Confused she looked up to meet green eyes with a curly mop on his head. She quickly smiled up at him. Gripping her cup she warmly replied, "Hello Harry. Fancy meeting you here." Harry pulled up a chair and signaled to the other boys to sit too. 5 red faced boys about 18 to 20 sat around the small girl. Khat blushed furiously. Not used to the attention, she meekly said hello to everyone at the small table. "Oh, I forgot to introduce you all," Harry laughed, a good cheerful laugh. He pointed to a serious looking boy, "This is Liam. The lad with blonde hair is Niall. My best mate Louis is wearing stripes," Louis grinned cheekily. "And Zayn with the funky hair." The boys laughed at that. "Watch it, Curly!" Khat had a fit of giggles at that name. "So what brings a beautiful girl to London?" Niall asked with his adorable irish accent. Khat paused, was she really beautiful? "My Mum is getting remarried." she bluntly said, forgetting her manners. An awkward silence fell upon the booth crammed with people. "Can I see your phone?" Louis a questioned, breaking the silence. Khat willingly handed him her phone. His eyes lit up, like a little kid on christmas morning. Khat chuckled and chatted with the other lads, not knowing her mom had came in.

"Khat! There you are!" her Mum signed and hugged her daughter. Sun noticed the 5 boys surrounded her only child. She remembered those days. When boys were all that mattered. But she knew Khat wasn't like that. Her beloved daughter was well-bred, educated, and would never let one silly boy ruin her career. Like Sun had. Snapping back to reality Sun smiled warmly at the boys. "Hello, I see you have met my daughter." 5 jaws dropped. The boys thought that the woman who hugged Khat was her sister. Louis remembering he had Khat's phone handed it back across the table. She nonchalantly took it back and slipped it in her pocket. "Mum this is Harry, Louis, Liam. Niall, and Zayn." She reported to her mum, pointing to each boy who smiled at them both. Her mother being the woman she was greeted each boy with a motherly tone. Sun let the young lads call her by her first name. She didn't want to feel like the old woman she knew she was. The 7 happy people sat and talked nonsense, until Sun excused herself. Needing to 'attend to a few errands' as she put it. Silently begging Khat to leave also with her eyes. Khat stood up and announced that she needed to do homework. Which she indeed did. Already being in college, and hoping to graduate next year top of her class. Sun knew of the homework and the pressure of graduating early from high school and being almost finished with college. Khat and Sun left the coffee shop and went to their different destinations.

Pulling out her laptop, Khat prepared for her 2,000 word essay due on Wednesday over the pros and cons of good grammar. Typing like the wind, she finished her paper in about 2 hours with a total of 2,359 words. Happy with herself she pulled out her phone and checked Instagram. Khat dropped her phone. She had gained 4,000+ followers. Weird. She checked on her mentions. There was one from Louis. It read: "Love you Khat!!! Hope you enjoyed her coffee!" There was a picture of her drinking her coffee. Being the silly 18 year old she was, she had her eyes crossed looking in a random direction. The picture had a couple thousand likes. Holy crap! She looked on Louis' profile, he had around 4 million followers! Shocked she researched a little. She opened safari and googled 'Louis Tomlinson'. Tons of results came up.

After about 1 hour of looking on the internet she learned that the 5 boys she met were famous. The popular boy-band named One Direction also known as the people staying in the rooms around her. Her phone buzzed, causing her to pull away fro her thoughts. Khat got a message from Carrot Prince(:. Huh? She didn't remember saving a contact named that. Khat opened the message.

"This is Louis! Hey can we come over?"

Before she got the chance to respond, she heard a knock at the door.





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