Love is in Every Corner

One Direction Fan Fic! Read it because i dont feel like writing a summary!


1. Chapter 1: Losing Things

Khat bounced on the tip of her toes. She was waiting to see her Mum in her wedding dress. Sun, her Mum was Korean and her Dad,  Jin was Indian and American. Hence her name Khat, pronounced cat. Her Mum and Dad got divorced when she was 7. Sun had been really unhappy after the divorce and was finally getting remarried. Being a 39 year old, she had a simply yet elegant gown. The skirt of the dress had a lovely flower pattern in gems. Both daughter and mother waited on the edge of their seats, for different reasons. Sun and her fiance had been having problems with there relationship. It was not expected to cancel the wedding, so everything was fine. "Come" a portly woman commanded. 

Khat gasped at the unrecognizable woman in front of her. This woman was really and truly happy. This woman could not be her Mum. Oh, but it was. "You don't like it" Sun frowned, Khat had a startled face. "No MumMum, It looks perfect." She smiled to reassure her mother. Sun smiled satisfied. She smoothed down her dress. Khat gaped at her mother. she look beautiful.

Khat threw herself down on the couch in her hotel room. A few hours of dress shopping really tiers a girl. Her feet ached. She pulled her feet up on the couch and started gently rubbing them. The TV burst out with sound. Startled, Khat jumped up, only to discover that she had been seating on the remote. Her Iphone buzzed.

MumMum- Hon please come over i need to talk to you about the wedding.

Khat huffed, blowing her bangs up and making them land crazy. She smoothed her bangs down and slipped her beige Chuck Taylor's on. Flipped the TV off she walked outside and shut the door to the room. Khat silently panicked, not feeling her phone. She really panicked when she couldn't find her key. Great! She locked herself out of the room with her phone and car keys. She racked her brain for ways to solve her little predicament. So focused in her thoughts she didn't hear the door next door open. "Ma'am do you need help?" She quickly turned toward the sexy british accent. It was one of those moments when the girl turned around in slow motion and her hair looks really cool swinging and crap. But only this moment was less dramatic. The boy who had the accent got a face full of hair. "Oh my god! I'm sorry!" The boy, Harry, chuckled and spit hair out of his mouth. "Don't be," he smiled at her, squinting his eyes. "Do you need help or something?' he lifted his eyebrows, curious. Khat smiled shyly and explained her problem. Harry listened and nodded at the right moments. Doing so, made Khat blush. When she finished, both teens stood there starring at each other and thinking. "Oh I'm Harry. I forgot to mention that earlier." he stated, breaking the silence. "We can go down to the front desk and get you a spare key." Harry finished shrugging. Khat thought about it and sighed, wondering why she didn't think of that earlier. Harry watched her face and saw her mentally agree. "Let me tell my mates what I doing," Before she could finish, he walked back into her room. Khat waited a few minutes and Harry walked back out. He gave her the 'one more minute' look and walked to the room left on hers. Not long after he came back out, smiled at her, and walked into the room to the right of Khat's. Harry came out to be greeted by an astonished face. He laughed as she composed her self, giving him a 'hurry up and explain' look. "My mates are in the 3 rooms i just went into," He paused "Liam is in the room to your left. Louis and I are in the room across the hall. Last but not least Zayn and Niall are in the hotel room to the right." Harry smiled, satisfied with himself. "Now let fix your problem." he grinned cheerfully at her.

"Hello Harry!" a woman about 30 smiled at Khat and Harry as they walked up to the front desk. Khat thought it was weird and shot a confused look at Harry. He glanced at her and replied in a low whisper, "I'll explain later." She shook it off and listened to Harry repeat her problem perfectly to the lady. Khat, being the impatient person she was, started tapping her fingers on the desk. At one point Harry had to put his hand over hers to make her stop. Khat felt a strange warmth slide up her arm. She couldn't tell if Harry felt the same. As if hearing her thoughts he whipped around and handed her an extra room key. She smiled warmly up at him, blushing.

The ride up the elevator was a bit awkward. But once on both their floors, Harry started rumbling nervously. Khat rolled her eyes at his ungainly stammer. "Thank you, Harry! See you later?" She glanced at the curly haired boy and smiled foolishly. "No problem and I never got your name." Khat mentally face-palmed herself. "Khat, but spelled K-H-A-T. Im part American, Indian, and Korean." She explained, knowing the way she pronounced her name was discombobulating. They departed their different ways.

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