The World Is Yours

Touch and you will learn you will be understood. Be sure to understand change you must.


1. The World Is Yours

Touch and you will learn

You will be understood

Be sure to understand

Change you must


Listen to others

They will listen to you

Try to be creative

Admire it


You will show the person you are

Be beautiful

Appreciate beauty around you

The world is a mirror


A reflection of your soul

Other's are good

So are you

When you find fault with others


It is your fault to

A mirror is your world

You must know something

Before you can recognice it


Your beauty is all around

That is what you see

The beauty of the world

In the mirror on the wall


Always share with others

They will share with you

See possibilites in others

Give love to others


Change yourself

Change the world

You will be heard

If you listen


The world is yours

If you want it bad enough

Go after it

It is your mirror



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