Magical presserve

Serena and her little brother Ashton come to stay at thier dad's house for a month when there mom goes to Los Angelous. They find out that there dad is caretaker of a presserve of magical creatures like Fairies and Satyrs. Ashton thinks it is wierd when she wants to go exploring in the woods. But they find out the boy band One Direction are going to watch over them and Serena falls for one of the boys.


9. Troll

S p.o.v

My little brother was waiting for me outside. We're doing training because we found out where the artifact of Fablehaven is and I'm the First one he does training with. My speacialty is weaponary. But one of the guys are helping me and that is Niall. His weapon is the sword. "Okay Ash you are going to learn how to use a bow and arrow from me. Niall will teach you how to use a sword." I tell him when I hear a twig snap behind me. "Nice try Niall." I say doing a front flip away from the sound.

When I turn around I see an troll. "Ash get in the house now." I say. "Bu-" He begins. "NOW!" I yell. Then I get out my Bow and a arrow. I shoot the troll down but I know He'll get back up. "Troll!" I yell towards the house.

"Troll?" Niall asks from inside and sees me fighting it. "Serena!" he yelled. He was coming towards me. "No! Stay in there you'll just make it angrier!" I yelled. "No I'm not going to let it hurt you!" "It'll kill you and I care about you! I love you!" I yell then I am unconscious.

N p.o.v "Serena!" I yell. I come toward her when I get to her I feel for a pulse. "Thank god." I say. She's breathing I turn to where the troll was. "Where did it go!" I yell. No matter at least she's alive. Then I remember what Serena said, "I love you!" kept echoing in my head. I took Serena inside and Tanu rushed over. "What happened to her?" he asked. "A troll got her." I say tears in my eyes. Then I look at Serena and see what I somehow didn't see before a arrow in her stomach. Rolled up on it I saw a note. I pulled it off and read:

Dear fablehaven, This is your first warning. Let us go get the artifact if you don't we'll finish her off. If we see you training we'll come and get her. I hope your smart and will leave the artifact alone. Yours truly, The society of the evenin star.

"Danny!" I yell once he got down I handed it to him. "What happened to her?" he asks worried. I point to Serena and tell him about the troll. "Niall? What happened?" I hear Serena say. "Oh Thank god." I say. She looks to her stomach. "The Troll. I read the note before I fell unconscious. The evening star is bluffing." she says. "I'll take you to your room." I tell her.

S p.o.v "I love you too." Niall says when he got me on my bed and shut the door. "I know." I said my stomach hurt really bad. I couldn't hide it. "You okay?" Niall asked. I could tell he was worried. "Yeah. Actually no." I said. He goes down stairs and I hear Cloudwing outside. "Serena please come down!" he says. I just get my bow and arrows and go outside. "What the hell do you want Cloudwing!" I yell when I get outside. "Serena what happened?!" he exclaims when he sees my stomach. "What? You didn't hear a troll got me. What do you want Cloudwing I need to get inside." I say. "I saw someone hooded go into the grove and they're opening the home of the artifact." he says. "Stay here until my friend comes out. Niall!" I yell.

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