Magical presserve

Serena and her little brother Ashton come to stay at thier dad's house for a month when there mom goes to Los Angelous. They find out that there dad is caretaker of a presserve of magical creatures like Fairies and Satyrs. Ashton thinks it is wierd when she wants to go exploring in the woods. But they find out the boy band One Direction are going to watch over them and Serena falls for one of the boys.


21. The Leader of the Society

N p.o.v
We got back from Ruth's shack I went upstairs and found Serena wasn't there. "I got a note from Serena!" Danny yelled. I went into his study. He read the note and said, "Bring me a umite wax candle." I ran to the kitchen and got one. When I got back Danny had turned the note to the backside. I shut the door and the blinds and he lit the candle and on the paper read fastly scribbled words but I still could tell what it said.

Dear Niall and Dad,
Conner is taking me to Belgium to the society. By the time you read this I have probably learned the leader's identidy. I love you both so much and watch fablehaven closely or it may perish as well as the creatures and people in it. I am sorry to say that he's coming back downstairs. He is a shadow charmer as well. Goodbye if I perish I wish you all good luck.
Love Always,
I was so mad that I picked up one of the chairs and threw it at the door. "Niall stop." Danny said. I thought for a moment she is fairykind after all. "I'm going to the fairy queen's shrine."

S p.o.v
Conner opened the door of his truck. "Get out!" he yelled. The day has been terrible we flew on a couple of planes and drove the rest of the way. I was starving Conner hasn't given me food the whole way to Belgium. "Hey can you give me something to eat?" I asked. "Well we'll eat in there so don't worry." he said as if he was one of my friends. He's been nice half of the time then the other half of the time he's been mean. "Your finally here." a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw the sphinx. "I knew it. I'm going to kill you Sphinx!" I yelled. I knew there was something wrong with him. He had an evil grin on his face. "I'm sorry my dear but I can't let you do that. I have to open Zxzyx." he said. I knew what Zxzyx was it was the demon prison. "Are you crazy?! They'll tear down the planet!" I yelled. His smile was now broader. 'You soon will be my slave.' the Sphinx said in my mind. He was a shadow charmer. "Give her a decent meal then throw her in the dungeon!" the Sphinx yelled at Conner. "Of course." Conner said. He gave me exotic fruits and some wierd food but it tasted good. Then he brought me in my cell and locked the door. Since I was bored I started to sing Fun's song We are Young. Nobody stopped me. I was going to die in a cell wasn't I? Would I actually be killed by the Sphinx? I asked my self a lot of questions but dosed off.
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