Magical presserve

Serena and her little brother Ashton come to stay at thier dad's house for a month when there mom goes to Los Angelous. They find out that there dad is caretaker of a presserve of magical creatures like Fairies and Satyrs. Ashton thinks it is wierd when she wants to go exploring in the woods. But they find out the boy band One Direction are going to watch over them and Serena falls for one of the boys.


11. Sphinx

S p.o.v

"I love you Niall but why do you have to guard my room?" I ask him. "Because the evenin star probably heard you say you could speak to magical creatures that we can't understand." he said. "What is so special about being fairykind?" I asked him walking over. "Nobody has been fairykind for 100s of years." he said. I kissed him but then there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." I say. But Niall beat me to it. And my dad came in. "Your going to meet the sphinx." dad says. "Who is the sphinx?" I ask.

"He is a guy who helps all of the presserves." Niall said. "Thank you for explaining it to her Niall." my dad said. My stomach started its daily pain. Niall could tell so he went downstairs to get my medicine. "You really want me to go meet him? What if he's a traitor?" I ask my dad. "Nonsense. Every caretaker has trusted him and those ones are still up and running." he said. "Yeah for now." I mutter. He was about to say more but then Niall came in. Thank god my medicine and I'm starting to use a special potion that heals it faster. "Here you go babe." he said. "Babe?" my dad asked. We're dating idiot. I thought but instead I said, "Didn't you know that me and Niall are boyfriend and girlfriend?" I ask him. He looked surprised but then he waved it away. "I know you two will be happy together." he said. Walking out of the room I heard him yell, "Mike she picked the good one!" "Good thing the guys weren't here to hear that." Niall said. I couldn't help but laugh. "OW." I said the laughing hurt my stomach even more. "You okay?" Niall asked me.I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and saw he cared a lot. "My stomach hurts from laughing too much." I say. N p.o.v I put her on her bed and gave her medicine that made it so she fell asleep faster. I stroked her hair when she was falling asleep before she was asleep she said, "I love you Niall and I always will." then she fell under. "Me too." I reply. I go downstairs and Ashton is playing yahtzee with Jaylee. "Yahtzee!" Ashton yells. Jaylee cussed under her breath. "That's the sixth time he won me. This game is crooked." she says. "Ssshhh. Serena is asleep." I say. "What soon you gonna get married and have a child?" ash asked. Jaylee hit his shoulder. "OW." he yelled at her. "You guys are hilarious." I said. "Fairy catcher coming tonight." Jaylee said. The next day. S p.o.v I wake up Niall on Jaylee's bed across the room. "Today is the day you meet the Sphinx." he says. �� "I don't want to go." I say. "He will check if you really are fairykind." he says. "Fine." I say. He goes into the hall outside my room as I get in a purple top and a black skirt. My hair curled and put in a ponytail. "Let's go." I say. 1 hour later N p.o.v We're driving to where the sphinx is. Serena is way nervous and she fell asleep in the car so when we got there I picked her up bridestyle
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