Magical presserve

Serena and her little brother Ashton come to stay at thier dad's house for a month when there mom goes to Los Angelous. They find out that there dad is caretaker of a presserve of magical creatures like Fairies and Satyrs. Ashton thinks it is wierd when she wants to go exploring in the woods. But they find out the boy band One Direction are going to watch over them and Serena falls for one of the boys.


18. Secret admirer

S p.o.v
Niall and I figured that our wedding should be public. I said that the whole world will bother us because of it but he wanted it to be perfect. It will be on September 24th. I couldn't believe it even though it's been like a month since he asked me. We went to look at save the dates. There were so many. We picked one that was like a curls font. Niall said he wanted to have Paul there. I said it would be great to meet him. Jaylee of course wanted to make my dress I said it'd be wonderful. The guys kept asking Niall who would be the best man and he said Harry. I knew he'd pick Harry. I had called my mother. "Oh your growing up so fast!" she said. "I know mom you can't believe it." I replied. Then Niall got me from behind in the middle of the call. "Niall put me down!" I yelled and laughed. "What's going on?" my mom Lena asked worried. "It's my fiancé Niall." I replied."May I talk to him?" she asked. "Yeah sure. Niall my mom wants to speek with you." I said. He put me down and kissed me. "I'll be back in a sec." he said. "Ok." I said.

N p.o.v
"Yes Lena I've been watching over her." I said. "Good." Lena replied. "I love her so much don't worry I'll be the best husband to her." I said. "I know." she said. "Well good bye I'll make sure to come to the wedding." she said then hung up. I got Serena and carried her up to her bedroom. "I love you so much." she said. I heard her stomach growl. "You hungry? Cause I am." I said. "Your always hungry." she said. I didn't argue. I got down into the kitchen and made some grilled cheese sandwiches. We started eating and Serena only ate one half. "You going to eat the rest of that?" I asked. She smiled "Knock yourself out. I'm going to take a nap." she said going upstairs. When I was done eating I got upstairs. Serena was knocked out. I smiled she was beautiful asleep and awake. I got on the bed and held her. She was the best girl I've ever met. There was a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it. It was Mike Serena's uncle. "Hey Niall where's Serena I've got a letter from a secret admirer." he said. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah." he replied. "I'll give it to her." I said. He left I opened the letter. It said:
Dear Serena,
I love you I don't care if you don't feel the same way.
But you'll always be the only girl for me.
I am a member of our old band we use to have.
Love always,
Your Secret Admirer.
Serena is starting to wake up. Shit. I put it back in the envelope and put it on her side table. She opened her eyes and saw me. She smiled. "Hey Nialler." she said yawning."Hey." I said. She saw the letter read it and looked at me. "You read this huh? I don't care I just want to know." she said."Yes. You a detective or something?" I asked. "No it was the look on your face." she replied.
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