Magical presserve

Serena and her little brother Ashton come to stay at thier dad's house for a month when there mom goes to Los Angelous. They find out that there dad is caretaker of a presserve of magical creatures like Fairies and Satyrs. Ashton thinks it is wierd when she wants to go exploring in the woods. But they find out the boy band One Direction are going to watch over them and Serena falls for one of the boys.


10. 1st Date

S p.o.v

"Hey." I say and go to hug Jaylee. My dad actually let me tell a friend about fablehaven. I picked Jaylee because if I told Mark he wouldn't believe me. Jaylee has always believed in magical creatures like this. When I told Jaylee she asked her mom if she could drive her to fablehaven so she could help us with the artifact. When Jaylee saw Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis she was so excited. When they saw Jaylee they all thought she was hot accept Niall. Jaylee has dirty blond hair, green eyes and was skinny. But she said that this was about bussiness and after then whoever asked her out first she'd go out with them. Of course she is going to say no to all of them accept Louis. "Hey Serena can we talk for a minute?" Niall asked me. "Sure lets go outside." I said.

N p.o.v

"Will you go out with me." I asked Serena. "Yeah sure. Where will we go though?" she asks. "We shall go into the woods where Cloudwing shall not find you." I say. "Perfect. See ya later." she says. She goes back to the house and a couple minutes later I see her in her bedroom with Jaylee. "Oh dude you got it bad." I hear Harry say behind me. "When did you get here?" I ask. "I was here the whole time." he says. "Will you at least help me get reay for my date?" I ask. "I can tell you really love her. Of course I will." He said.

J p.o.v

"Serena don't worry you look beautiful." I try to calm her down. "Really?" she asks me. I could tell she really likes him cause she has never been this worried about a date. "Don't worry." I said. "Jaylee I have to tell you something." She said. "What is it you can tell me anything." I said. "Ever since I got here I've actually understood what fairies say it sounds like english to me." she said. "Seriously, cool. Am I the first one you've told?" I ask her. "Yeah don't tell anyone though I'm going to tell them later." she said. I put her curled hair in a ponytail and finish doing her makeup. "There you go look." I said. "Shit.Thanks Jaylee." she thanks me. "I have to go." She said. "See ya Serena." I say.

H p.o.v

I'm done helping Niall. He looks good. "Dude you look great." I told him. "I hope so." he says. I could tell he was worried she'd get hurt again cause he got his sword that can minimize and maximize. "Good idea always be prepared." I said. I think she'll take her bow and arrows just in case too. "I'm not going to let her get hurt again." he said. "I know dude she feels the same way about you." I tell him. "Wish me luck." he said. "I will but wait." I tell him then I put one more squirt of cologne on him. "Thanks see ya." he says.

S p.o.v

I brought my mini bow just in case. I went the directions he told me too and I got to a part of the woods where a fairy couldn't get in. "Why can't we get through?" Asked a frustrated fairy who had blond hair and was wearing a purple and pink gown with butterfly wings. "It's because it's reserved for me and my date." I said to her. "Whatever." she said and left. "I went through and when I came in there was a table with candels and with a stage too. "Oh my god." I said and then out of nowhere Niall appeared. "I'm glad you like it." he said. "Who were you talking to out there?" he asked. "Thats it um... I don't know how to put it. I can talk to fairies and imps." I say. "Oh my god your fairykind!"

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