What I Never Expected


5. Pizza

I had the key to the apartment and was last so I didn't run because everyone would have to wait for me anyway. Slowly taking my time up the stairs I finally came across Louis jumping up and down outside the door. Everyone was peacefully waiting for me except Lou because I guess he had to go to the bathroom. "Bailey come on before I pee in my pants," commented while doing a dance like a penguin. "I don't want to rush," I replied with a spirit because I knew I was killing him for not letting him inside. Getting the key out of my pajama pants pocket I reached turning the it in the lock. As soon as the door was unlocked Louis goes sprinting in the apartment straight to the bathroom. I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

As soon as Louis got back, which took about 20 seconds Niall says, " I'm hungry. What do you have here to eat." "Niall your always hungry," Susie said back at him. "I agree with Niall I'm hungry. We need something to eat before we die of starvation," Harry said while holding his tummy. "I guess we'll order pizza," Abbie says looking to Harry and Niall specifically because they were rolling on the floor hold their stomachs. It look pretty funny. When Abbie said that all heads shot to her. The boys started running to the phone on the side table next to the couch. Wrestling to get the phone I walked into the kitchen to get the pizza mans number. Coming back into the den I see the boys on the ground. "Boys," I yell. All their heads look at me. "Give me the phone. I'll order the pizza." It took awhile but they finally gave me the phone. I practically ordered every pizza known. They all kept shouting at me. Susie wanted plain cheese, Zayn wanted pepperoni,Niall wanted every pizza, and many more. I finally got what I heard and told the person on the phone. He said it would take about an hour which was good for a lot he pizzas we ordered. We were ordering at midnight and not many people would be up ordering pizza.
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