What I Never Expected


3. One direction at my door

Susie just stared at me for the longest time until she spoke up. "You're kinding right?" "Nope," I replied happily. With her mouth wide open Susie just stared at me again. I was about to say something when the rest of our friends that live the apartment with us came down stairs; Jessica, Abbie, and Lisa. Susie yelled at the top of her lungs, "NIALL HORAN HELPED YOU!" When she said that all the other girls started running down the stairs, like crazy people. I mean they were crazy,but in a good way. "What did you say about Niall Horan from one direction!" Abbie yelled. "Bailey said Niall helped her when she was jumped by some people," Susie tolded Abbie. "You were jumped?" Lisa asked me. "Yes," I replied. Everyone stared at me. It was really uncomfortable. They became out of shock when we heard a knock on the door. Jessica behind Abbie and Lisa standing in the kitchen doorway walked over to the door. "Aaaahhhhh!" Jessica yelled looking out to the hall. Running over to where she was we stood in shock at what we saw. One direction was standing outside my apartment. I finally spoke up saying, "what are y'all doing here?" Niall looked at me saying, "you left your phone at our house." I was still shocked because I didn't tell them where I lived. "How did you know where I lived?" I asked Niall with a confused look on my face. "On your phone it said where you lived on the 'my location' section under menu." "You looked through my phone!" I shouted to his face. I quickly regretted it when I saw his face expression. "I didn't know where to find you," saying apologetically to me. "I guess that a reasonable explenassion." "Oh and by the way I put my number in your contacts," Louis said to me. He than winked at me. I guess he was kinding because he laughed right after he did. "Ok well do you want to come in?" I asked all of them. "Sure. If that's fine with you?" I nodded. As all the boys walked into the apartment the girls stood behind me still shocked. I mean who wouldn't be happy when one direction came into your apartment.
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