What I Never Expected


7. Movie

After we ate all of the pizzas (Niall mostly). We just sat on the ground rubbing our stomachs. "So, what should we do," Liam asked. "Don't know. How about we...," I was about to answer when Louis interrupted me by saying, "movie!" "Well Louis I was about to say that too, but you interrupted me," I told Louis with a I'm joking voice. "You just want to take my idea. No your not fooling me so don't be mean. Uhh Harry, Bailey is being mean to me," Louis said crawling and wining to Harry. Harry gave the death glare to me while he rubbed Louis's head. I just ignored them and walked to the movie cabinet under the tv. Looking through all the movies I saw I finally chose Ted. I never have really seen this movie so I wanted to watch it now. I sat down on the couch in the middle of Niall and Harry. I looked to see where everyone was and saw that Harry was sneaking a glance at Lisa. Lisa smiled back and apperently didn't notice me. I'm wondering if they have something going on. I guess I thought too quick about who liked who. Through the whole movie I didn't pay attention. I wanted to know who was with who. I figured that Harry with Lisa and Louis with Abbie, but that's just what I saw through a movie. The movie finished and everyone just stared at each other. I'm tired. I didn't think I said it out loud until Susie next to me said "yeah I am too." "Ohh umm well I'm going to bed," I said. "Where do we sleep?" Zayn asked. "I don't know. I'm to think straight," I said while yawning. I was about to fall on the ground. I started up the stares until at the first when I fell. I wasn't hurt, but everyone else thought I was. Rushing over to me Niall said, "bailey are you ok!" "Yeah I'm just tired," I replied. Before I got back on my feet I felt arms pick me up. I fell asleep before reaching the top of the stairs so I just layer in nails arms looking like a dead cat.
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