What I Never Expected


2. Jumped

I had a headache when I got out of my bed. I didn't remember what happened last, but I knew it was something big. I started walking down the stairs of my apartment and into the kitchen. One of my friends that lives in the apartment with me was in the kitchen already. "Hey bailey, how are you doing?" My friend Susie asked me as I was walking in the kitchen. Walking over to where she was and grabbing a plate from behind her I replied, "I'm fine just have a headache." "Where did you go last night?" I thought a second and finally telling her the truth I said, "I honestly don't know. I forgot what happened yesterday after I left you and the other girls from the restaurant." "You said you were coming here." "Oh yeah, I remember. I was walking down next to the alley near Copper Ave. and Till Rd. when I came across some guys with beers in their hands. One of them had a hammer. They started to say some rude things, but I ignored them and kept walking. I guess they didn't like that because the big guy with the hammer came up behind me and hit my head." Susie just stood there in shock for a second without saying anything. She just stared at me. After what felt like hours she finally spoke up saying, "you got jumped? I can't believe this. Are you ok?" "I'm fine. I actually had someone help me." "Who?" "Niall Horan from One Direction," I said with confidence.
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